1 – 3 Nov 2022


Prepare your calendar of activities beforehand with this overview of everything that is happening online and at the live event.

in-cosmetics Asia Online Conference 23 – 24 November 2021

Cosmetic formulators, we invite you to our new online event this November! To continue paving our way to the live event next year, we’re bringing you another online opportunity to: expand your network in the industry, gather technical knowledge about ingredients, discuss the latest trends with specialists and source ingredients straight from their suppliers, who will have all the information you need on how to formulate with them effectively. 

Online product showcase series & More online learning

Make the most of your time with our series of online learning opportunities presented by experts from the hottest cosmetic sectors. Discover the latest ingredients and gain market intelligence with our latest online learning offerings:

Korea Innovation Day

Niche ingredient suppliers from Korea present insights on the hottest categories in the industry: Colour Cosmetics, Haircare, Skincare and Suncare. From scalp anti-ageing and hair restoration to skin microbiome balance and next generation ceramides, these sessions were tailored to provide you with the solution you need.

K-Beauty Formulation Day

Technical insights, formulation sheets and practical knowledge in this collection of 30-minute presentations focused on improving formulations through ingredients and techniques for more competitive products. Explore the latest advancements in Suncare, Skincare, Haircare and scalp care.

J-Beauty Ingredients Day

Specialists from renowned Japanese companies like Nikko, Adeka, Maruzen and others share their inside look at the rise of the J-Beauty. Uncover the secrets of the trend that blends traditional treatments with modern ingredients, learn how these companies are thriving and how to use their experience to your advantage.

The Science of K-Beauty Ingredients

Korean cosmetic ingredient suppliers of haircare, skincare, colour cosmetics and make-up share their technical advice on the application of successful K-Beauty ingredients on this series filled with practical knowledge.

J-Beauty Ingredients Day - Part 2

Watch seven of J-Beauty’s most innovative ingredient suppliers as they explore Japanese ingredient solutions applicable to your next formulation. From haircare, to skincare, suncare, bodycare, toiletries and colour cosmetics, there’s an ingredient of relevance to you.

Formulating for Cosmetic Conditions Video Learning

Learn how to formulate for common challenges such as balancing skin pigmentation, anti-wrinkle products, skincare against urban pollution, formulations for the eye contour area and much more with the 'Formulating for Cosmetic Conditions' video learning series. Watch all episodes today to gain a thorough understanding of how specific ingredients will benefit your final products, why you should be using them and tips on when to be adding them to your formulations. If you're a manufacturer, you'll not want to miss this.

Ingredients in Action Video Learning

Inspired by our Innovation Zone, watch Belinda Carli, Director at The Institute of Personal Care Science, showcase the science and technology behind the latest personal care ingredients launches. Discover the application benefits of each raw material in this independent review, curated to give you the real insights you need to both power your formulations and get ahead of the competition. Belinda cuts through the noise and provides you with the perfect starting point to source your new personal care ingredients.

More Online Learning

You’ll find online learning opportunities with partners across the whole in-cosmetics portfolio. From individual webinars with specialists like Greentech’s “Pollution-proof your skin and hair” session to online events such as our many Ingredients Showcases, which bring together some of our biggest exhibitors showcasing their latest in cutting-edge ingredients.

To stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving cosmetics trends and have first-hand access to ingredients transforming formulations all over the world, make sure you regularly visit our calendar of events.

Learn at the show

Market Trends & Regulations

Make assertive decisions for your business with the market intelligence provided by industry leaders at the Marketing Trends & Regulations sessions. Gather industry trends, facts, figures, market analysis, research data and the latest regulatory changes in personal care manufacturing. These expert-led talks are a must-attend when evaluating new opportunities in product development.

Technical Seminars

Find inspiration for new product formulations, or even discover alternative solutions for existing projects, with the free-to-attend technical seminars. Delivered by professionals from raw material suppliers, these presentations provide a comprehensive overview of key personal care ingredients; from in-depth knowledge of the benefits they provide to sharing scientific evidence that substantiates the claims associated with their products.

Programme coming soon

Virtual Formulation Lab

These free to attend formulation training sessions are carefully curated to maximise the scope of learning and help you stay on top of the latest innovations in personal care. Our specialists will be sharing their practical knowledge so you can learn how to implement their techniques using winning products from wherever you are, and gain practical advice to help you develop unique products.

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