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7 – 9 Nov 2023

Sustainability and haircare in the spotlight

Get inspiration from these formulated ingredients

Launching a new cosmetics line and seeking new ideas on how to formulate with ingredients that are truly sustainable and for you to be proud of?

Focusing on a haircare project and keen to get under the skin of scalp and follicle care?

Split between sustainable and haircare ingredients, Spotlight On is a product showcase designed to help you do just that. Come and visualise an array of formulated ingredients to see what your next finished product could look like! 

Sustainable, Conscious Beauty

Whether developed to positively benefit the environment, support local economies or even put “people before profits” Sustainable, Conscious Beauty is much more than a trend. On Spotlight On, it will also come in several shapes… 

  • Consciousness
    • Projects supporting local economies, minimising environmental impact or a good example of principles of circular economy.
  • Protection
    • Meant to preserve natural resources, from waste reduction to waterless skincare, anti-pollution or protecting the environment.
  • Biotechnology
    • New technologies from actives to functional ingredients - excipients, surfactants, preservatives, emollients to biomimicry.
  • Inclusivity
    • Catering for the gender fluid , for example when related to scents to ethnic groups, halal-certified, vegan, vegetarian consumers. 

Love is in the Hair

Traditionally dwarfed by the dominant skincare segment in Asia Pacific, the post Covid era is marking a new dawn for the haircare category.

Indeed, a recent study by Covalo, shows that haircare is the most popular category in the region, with 55% of APAC professionals searching for relevant applications and active ingredients. This compares to just 36% worldwide. 

From skinification to multinationals tapping new opportunities in the region, as L'Oréal said, haircare has become the new skincare!

On Spotlght On, haircare will come in two defined segments:

  • Scalp care
    • Designed to enhance the health of hair, scalp balance, serum, protection, clinical grade ingredients & gentle formulas.
  • Follicle care
    • A range of ingredients designed to protect, stabilise and focus on haircare across ages.

Beauty goes green – exclusive report

In this exclusive, new report we assess the state of sustainability in the cosmetics and personal care industry in Asia Pacific. Focusing on four key themes: Consciousness, Protection, Biotechnology and Inclusivity, the report analyses the biggest factors driving change, and the actions brands and suppliers are taking in response to a new generation of consumers who are both ethically and environmentally aware.

Love haircare?

Explore the world of haircare ingredients and products from trends to innovation, in this exclusive Kline report.

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