1 – 3 Nov 2022

Spotlight on Fragrances, Healthy Skin and Makeup

Unlike the Innovation Zone, Spotlight On is not about ingredient launches.

But it’s just as exciting….It’s about ingredients that fit into the hot trends with the themes for 2022 focusing on Fragrances, Healthy Skin and Make Up.

Explore this area of the show, to enjoy a sensory experience with formulated ingredients for you to test, try and feel…

Oh, and all the products showcased here will be entered into the Awards!

Let’s talk about the 2022 themes…


Fragrance market growth is influenced by unpredictable, continuously changing fashion trends and cultural movements. Consumers are now looking to fragrance for self-expression, hygiene and mental wellbeing.

This has expanded the opportunity for new and existing manufacturers to succeed within the sector with innovative on trend product lines across Skincare, Haircare, Perfume, Household and more.

Healthy Skin

Consumer habits are shifting to minimalist skincare. Multi-tasking hybrid products still remain popular in preventative beauty, using active ingredients to aid the skin barrier and repair the microbiome.

We’re also seeing a focus on inside-out beauty with ingestibles and topicals, pre-, pro- and postbiotics supporting the bacteria needed to achieve a balanced microbiome. It’s a vast and progressive sector with innovative ingredients on the market.


Consumer trends towards green, clean, organic, sustainable beauty are driving a demand for effective, functional and multi-purpose products. Inclusive make-up product lines are growing, seeing no gender, age, colour or skin type identity. 

There is now a consumer driven focus on eye make-up with bright and cheerful colours. As decoratives form a wide topic and colour cosmetics make a come-back, there’s lots to explore in makeup. 

Who are the exhibitors showcasing their innovations?

Ashland Singapore 

Azelis (Thailand) 

Bloomage Biotechnology 



Cargill NV


Clariant Singapore 

Croda Singapore Ptd 


DKSH Performance Materials (Thailand) 

DSM Nutritional Products

Elementis Services 



Henry Lamotte

Ichimaru Pharcos 


Infinitec Activos 

KL-Kepong Industrial Holdings 


Momentive Performance Materials (Thailand)


Nippon Fine Chemical 


Rossari Bio Tech


Universal Esters 

Vitamin C60 BioResearch 

Keeping track of innovation

For technical information about the products involved, at the show you will be able to scan a QR code and download a mini brochure. 

You're invited to the Awards!

All the products on show will be up for the Spotlight On Awards, run with the Best Ingredient Awards. And the good news is that you are invited! 

Want to be there?

Make sure you register to enjoy the show, Spotlight On and the Awards, which, along with other aspects of the show, are 100% free to attend.