5 – 7 Nov 2024
BITEC, Bangkok

The Science of K-Beauty Ingredients

K-Beauty has been setting trends and driving impactful changes in the cosmetics industry on an international scale for many years now. The appeal of Korean Beauty trends lies on cost-effective and innovative formulations, influencing consumer behaviour worldwide... But what’s the science behind that success?

24th June, you’re invited to participate in The Science of K-Beauty Ingredients series of webinars, giving you the opportunity to deep dive into the properties of their winning formulas for a range of cosmetic ingredients. Join leading Korean suppliers presenting technical guidance in 30-minute sessions on the application of K-Beauty ingredients for ever-growing product categories such as Haircare, Skincare, Colour Cosmetics and Makeup.

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Presentation schedule June 24th

Session Title Time Presenter
A multi-functional collagen for haircare & repair
11:00-11:30(KST) / 03:00-3:30(BST)
Beautee collagen
Innovative surface treatment technology to improve the use of finished products
11:45-12:15(KST) / 03:45-04:15(BST)
Green, nanocellulose raw material for sunscreen application
15:00-15:30(KST) / 07:00-07:30(BST)
Introducing KPT's innovated and patented encapsulation soft pearl systems
15:45-16:15(KST) / 07:45-08:15(BST)

A multi-functional collagen for haircare & repair

Presented by: Chae Hong Pyo, CTO at Beautee collagen

An effective low-molecular weight collagen such as AMICELL will repair damaged hair without being washed away by water or heat. Understand how the ingredient penetrates through the splits and activates within the strand to improve hair sheen and texture while restoring damaged parts.  

This patented material is also a natural touch, eco-friendly CL-Colagen-Fiber Lubricant that protects skin including atopic dermatitis.  

Key learning points:  

  • Proven effects of collagen on hair such as: Improved texture, nourishment and gloss to rough hair 
  • Application on synthetic wigs and boosting of natural texture  
  • How the addition of fermented collagen and specialized binder within the ingredient maximises hair volume and moisture and protects the hair cuticle.   

Innovative surface treatment technology to improve the use of finished products

Presented by: Kerry Yun, CEO at Soleon

Do you know how formulation stability can be reached through the use of coated pearl-gloss pigments? Join this demonstration to experience the effects of those ingredients in emulsified cosmetic formulations such as BB and CC cream. Their vast benefits also allow for the improvement of lipstick quality.  

We will also highlight our novel Fluid Bed Coating with functional natural extracts. They are based on low temperature or distilled extraction and designed to contain large amounts of valid ingredients, being easy to use in formulations due to their lack of dark colouration.

Key learning points:  

  • Formulation stability with coated pearl-gloss pigments 
  • Improving BB cream, CC cream and lipstick quality 
  • Novel Fluid Bed Coating process in addition to wet and dry coatings 

Green, nanocellulose raw material for sunscreen application

Presented by: Soo-Jeong Shin, CEO at Naturecostech

In this webinar, we will showcase a novel eco-friendly cosmetic raw material constructed from nanocellulose fibres, which has proven to hold large amounts of moisture and deliver sun-boosting effect to the skin.

Key learning points:  

  • Formulating for skin health and tan-like effect 
  • Making use of nanocellulose fibres and their large amounts of moisture 

Introducing innovated and patented encapsulation soft pearl systems

Presented by: JINJOO OH, Global Sales Manager at KPT

We will show you how easy it is to formulate with hard spheres and encapsulated soft pearls for skincare, personal care and make-up. These pearls will transfer any o/w emulsion and be mixed with actives for a variety of applications.

Let us share KPT’s 15-year experience with spherical, granular and support powder and uncover improving technology for your formulations.  

Key learning points:  

  • Spherical, granular and support powder technologies for cosmetics 
  • Mixing encapsulated soft pearls with actives for different applications 
  • Using hard spheres for skincare