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7 – 9 Nov 2023

Your next new product development?

Let it start on the Innovation Zone!

Year in, year out, 75% of our visitors start their journey around the show on the Innovation Zone. Why?

Because, as the name suggests, the Innovation Zone gives you the temperature of the industry. It showcases an array of 90+ new, innovative personal care ingredients launched within the past eight months – or some even at the show!

For your convenience and easier navigation, the Innovation Zone is split between functional and active ingredients. As a bonus, test and feel the texture of a select few (presented in a formulated state) that you won’t be able to resist working into your next product launch!

Oh, and all the ingredients will be entered into the Awards, taking place at the show on Wed 8 November

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Who are some of the suppliers on the Innovation Zone this year?



Cargill Beauty NV

CelliCON Lab

Daebong LS

Hallstar Beauty

Laboratorios Argenol


IFF - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Mibelle Biochemistry


Res Pharma Industriale /
Sharon Laboratories

Shanghai Greaf Biotech 

Vytrus Biotech

Keeping track of innovation

With so many products on show, simply scan the QR code shown on the Innovation Zone, with info about INCI names, % W/W and procedures.

Want to show innovation?

If you are an ingredient supplier exhibiting at in-cosmetics Asia this year, here's your chance to showcase your innovation to manufacturers.

Want to be there?

Make sure you register to enjoy the show, the Innovation Zone and the Awards, which, along with other aspects of the show, are 100% free to attend.