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7 – 9 Nov 2023

Your new product development starts here!

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Because, as the name suggests, the Zone gives you the temperature of the industry as it showcases an array of 70+ new, innovative personal care ingredients launched within the past eight months – or some even at the show!

For your convenience and easier navigation, the Innovation Zone is split between functional and active ingredients. As a bonus, test and feel the texture of a select few (presented in a formulated state) that you won’t be able to resist working into your next product launch!

Oh, and all the ingredients will be entered into the Awards. 

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A few of the ingredients on the Zone in 2022…


Launched: 01/04/2022

MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE generates exceptional radiance by activating five triggers: it balances facial hydration, reduces redness, brightens, reduces roughness and increases shine. Furthermore, the skin barrier is strengthened, and elasticity is improved. The lips become plumper and wrinkles on lips and skin are reduced.

Ocean Re-New® Collection Series by Hi-Q Marine Biotech

Launched: 05/05/2022

Ocean Re-New® Collection Series is powered with FucoSkin® clinical tested brown seaweed extract. In human clinical trials, FucoSkin® improved skin smoothness, wrinkles, dermal collagen structure, pores and skin spot. This series is formulated with  ocean friendly ingredients, using sustainable packaging, to strive for the next level of cosmetics.

Galseer™ Tresscon by GALAXY SURFACTANTS

Launched: 09/07/2022

Galseer™ Tresscon is a shampoo bar base curated keeping the modern-day consumer in mind. It imparts excellent conditioning, and foaming and delivers superior cleansing with a holistic sensorial experience in a sustainable format. Enriched with our patented Green Chemistry, Galseer™ Tresscon mild on the scalp and gentle on the planet. 

Neoporyl™ by Givaudan


Launched: 28/02/2022

Pore size is a common aesthetic concern which ultimately gives rise to “porexia” among some self-conscious customers. While pore size enlargement is associated to age or gender, 2 biological factors are originally to blame: parakeratosis and coarse epidermis – and Neoporyl™ was designed to counteract these.

ELAYA RENOVA ™ - The Hair Tensegrist By Vytrus Biotech

Launched: 28/02/2022

An active from plant stem cells that brings a new vision. A new holistic approach to haircare where scalp, hair follicle and hair shaft are interconnected and the hair system is revitalized by protecting hair and scalp, restructuring and reinforcing hair system, and enhancing hair and scalp beauty.

Telessence Breeztel™ by LipoTrue

Launched: 05/04/2022

Telessence Breeztel™ is an active obtained from fermentation of a microorganism collected from the sea breeze near Tonga (Fiji). Telessence Breeztel™ protects telomere’s length & repairs and strengthens the skin; provides moisturization, elasticity and body firmness and soothes wrinkles; recovers skin chronological age.

Myralys by Greentech


Launched: 05/04/2022

MYRALYS is a COSMOS-certified natural active ingredient. It is highly purified in gentiopicroside, sourced from organic wild yellow gentian roots to rejuvenate the upper and lower eye contours. MYRALYS targets key biological pathways related to AGE formation, carbonyl stress, dermal matrix, inflammation and angiogenesis.

OceanDerMX™ Balance & Brighten

Launched: 01/11/2022

Clinically proven skin brightening botanicals; New Zealand native Red seaweed and Mamaku – Black fern with Gotu Kola and Liquorice root, working together as a synchronised alliance of botanicals to combat uneven skin tone and visibly brighten skin within 14 days.

Acti-Hair Complex by Laboratorios Argenol

Launched: 23/06/2022

Acti-Hair Complex is a new active ingredient containing a mixture of metals with citric acid especially indicated for dry, weak, dull, split and brittle hair that often suffers when drying or daily live. Acti-Hair Complex is a unique set of elements for hair products. Hair gets stronger (anti-loss) shinyer and sebum controlled. 

Who were the suppliers on the Innovation Zone in 2022?


Aekyung Chemical 



Ashland Singapore 


B&C spa


Bloomage Biotechnology 

Malee Applied Sciences


Cargill NV


Cellicon Lab


Clariant Singapore 

CLR Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter 

Croda Singapore Ptd 

Dow Chemical

DSM Nutritional Products


Galaxy Surfactants 


Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology 


Hallstar Beauty

Hi-Q Marine Biotech International 


Hunan Silok Silicone 


Ichimaru Pharcos 

Incospharm Corporation

Infinitec Activos 

J. Rettenmaier

Lipoid Kosmetik 


Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Mibelle AG Biochemistry



Namsiang Life Sciences




Organic Bioactives 





Shanghai Greaf Biotech 


Spec-Chem Industry 



Uute Scientific Oy

Vantage Speciality Ingredients

Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation

Vs Chem (1970) 

Vytrus Biotech 

Keeping track of innovation

With so many products on show, simply scan the QR code shown on the Innovation Zone, with info about INCI names, % W/W and procedures.

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Innovation deserves recognition, hence the Best Ingredient Awards. And the good news is that all show participants are invited!

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