5 – 7 Nov 2024
BITEC, Bangkok

2023 is the year of India at in-cosmetics Asia

Remarkable growth and focus on essential oils and fragrances

India is a major global player in the chemical industry - featuring 80,000+ commercial products - but also boasts a plethora of unique natural resources.

Equally impressive is the Indian beauty and personal care market, which is growing at a rate of 10% every year and on course to double in size by 2030*! Currently valued at $15 bn, India now ranks as the world’s 8th largest market, just after France **  (*/**: Source: Euromonitor International).

Essential oils and fragrances are some of India’s most recognized trademarks. In fact, in 2022, essential oils were the 3rd most searched for product category at in-cosmetics Asia. Fragrance ingredients also figured as a highly popular type of ingredient - sought after by almost a third of visitors to the Bangkok show.

Which is why we are announcing 2023 as the year of India at in-cosmetics Asia!

What does the programme include?


Are you feeling lucky?

To celebrate India Country Focus, we have lined up an exciting competition for you. 

Simply visit 9 Indian exhibitors at the show, collect a stamp on 

their stand and you’re in!

Kumar Organic Products

How can onion bio-ferments be used to reduce scars or as hair growth actives?

Aromaaz International

How do essential oils help you rebalance your 7 Chakras? What are the most popular scents?

Indfrag Biosciences

Take a look at Centella Asiatica properties, how Boswellia resin is sourced and what it is used for.

Salicylates and Chemicals

The masters of preservatives, see what the future of presevatives looks like.

Indian essential oils

When incorporated into a formulation, essential oils can give the skin a vast array of benefits and elevate the overall sensory experience of personal care products.

Diverse Indian landscape

Dr Awanthi De Silva looks at India’s cosmetic market, from the key players to pivotal personal care applications and shares insights into formulating for Indian consumers.

A beauty revolution

Throughout the show, our marketing trends presentations will shed light on how the Indian beauty market is evolving and the opportunities it is throwing up.

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If you are an India-based personal care ingredient supplier, capitalise on this year’s India Country Focus.

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