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Technical Seminar presentations are now available to download. Please note that if a presentation is not included below, this means that the speaker prefers not to share it.

Power of seals & claims based on reliable dermatological studies


Presented by: Marcel Voss, CEO, DERMATEST GMB

Cellular Beauty: Natural beauty at the cellular level


Presented by: Joonseok Cha, Research Director, The Garden of Naturalsolution

Skin as a complex sensory system: A new approach for the cosmetic industry

Presented by: Susan Paris, Technical Marketing, Active Concepts

Microcare® Quat EQG: How to face less-is-more market trends with one single multifunctional ingredient

Presented by: Marta Rusiñol, Application Lab Leader - Personal Care,THOR

What if preservation was an afterthought?


Presented by: Raphaëlle Tron, Marketing Manager Europe, Active Micro Technologies

New Alteromonas species for a vertical development of a novel active ingredient

Presented by: Silvia Pastor, PhD, Head of Scientific Research & Business Development, LipoTrue

Contact: [email protected]

Sustainable production of bio-active peptides


Presented by: Martin Ostermaier, Product Manager, Bachem

Exposome and Omics sciences applied to cosmetics: Latest findings and new testing techniques

Presented by: Javier Castaño, Director, Complife Iberia, Vincenzo Nobile, R&D Manager & Cosmetics Market Manager, Complife Italia

Sustainable, natural-derived multifunctional ingredients by fermentation

Presented by: Myo-Deok Kim, Senior Researcher, Activon Co.Ltd.

How to innovate cosmetics through microbiome

Presented by: Giulia Fattorini, Product Manager, ROELMI HPC

Aevum Vita 406 – 100% natural multifunctional solution

Presented by: Nina Uzeldinger, Innovation & Technology Specialist Personal Care and HI&I EMEA, Brenntag GmbH

Revisiting lysophosphatidic acid & the science behind visible pore care

Presented by: James Seguerra, Vice director, Nikko Chemicals

Application and efficacy of biological fermentation technology in cosmetics

Presented by: Alice Wang, Director of Application R&D, Spec-Chem Industry Inc.

EuroPure™: Eurofragance’s innovative malodor counteraction platform

Presented by: Marco Lombardi, Innovation to Market Scientist, Eurofragance

Hyaluronic acid in oil for skincare, haircare and decorative cosmetics

Presented by: Zuzana Jeníková, Technical sales specialist, Contipro

“Body confidence”: A new range of cosmetic actives for body care

Presented by: Dr Emmanuel Coste, Scientific Marketing Manager, EXSYMOL

Contact: [email protected]

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