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8 – 10 April 2025

Sustainability Theatre Presentations Downloads

Sustainability Theatre Presentations are now available to download. Please note that if a presentation is not included below, this means that the speaker prefers not to share it.

▶ Eco-design of cosmetic ingredients: It’s a matter of science, imagination and measurements

Presented by: Federica Carlomagno, R&D Manager, ROELMI HPC

▶ Driving industry collaboration with the Responsible Beauty Initiative, powered by EcoVadis

Presented by: Alessandra Frongillo, Program Manager for Sector Initiatives, EcoVadis

▶ Coconut – an industry in crisis

Presented by: Laura Schlebes, Global Sustainability Program Manager, AAK AB

▶ Decarbonization of raw material supply chains as a sustainability intervention

Presented by: Laura Schlebes, Global Sustainability Program Manager, AAK AB

▶ How BIOTH-ECOLOGY serves Sustainability in the sourcing of Marine Ingredients. Illustration through active ingredients

Presented by: Romuald Vallee, Director, CODIF Technologie Naturelle

▶ Polycitronellol - The Beauty of Green Chemistry

Presented by: Patrick Foley, Ph.D, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, P2 Science

▶ Imparting premium feel in skincare using sustainable Butylene Glycol

Presented by: Kyle Huston, Product Director, Geno

▶ A strategy to develop a creative and sustainable perfumery palette

Presented by: Natacha Jérome, Technical Perfumer, Eurofragance

▶ Algica – personal care’s next super material. An ocean-safe, high-tech and multifunctional active ingredient

Presented by: Lizette Andrén, Sales and Marketing Manager, Swedish Algae Factory

▶ Oleon's solutions can drive the global transition to a net-zero economy

Presented by: Léopold Mottet, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist, Oleon

▶ Creating planet-positive formulations powered by nature

Presented by: Tuttu Nuutinen, Senior Team Lead Microbial Protection, Ashland

▶ Essential solutions for a sustainable future

Presented by: Wiek Kleijne, Marketing Manager Home and Personal Care EMEA, Nouryon