25th - 26th Sep 2024
São Paulo, Brazil

Exhibit Safe

In order for events to return safely after the pandemic, both Reed and exhibitors will have to comply with new rules that fulfil the protocols established by public authorities, so that events are authorized and may occur free of violations or setbacks.

Keep in mind that these measures are currently required and were designed based on global studies. We will be keeping close track of the requirements coming from the government and Ministry of Health and will update the manual whenever necessary. Below are the specific rules for our events.

A message from in-cosmetics Portfolio Director

“This pandemic has cemented our belief in the importance of in-person collaboration and networking throughout the cosmetics industry, and we will do whatever it takes to continue to deliver in-cosmetics events for you, safely and securely.

In addition to following our Global Health & Safety 5-point Strategy, in each region the in-cosmetics team are working closely with local authorities to implement all necessary precautions to ensure your wellbeing whilst maintaining the spirit and effectiveness of the events you know and love.

We can’t wait to deliver safe events that support your business needs, and to see you in person later this year.”

Cathy Laporte

Portfolio Director


All stands must have visible signage installed, covering the most relevant points:

  1. Importance of keeping hands and work spaces clean;
  2. Mandatory mask use during the entire time, inside the event and at the stand;
  3. Minimum distance of 1.5m between people.

Disinfection point

All stands must have hand sanitizer available for use by employees and visitors, as well as alcohol for cleaning tables and work materials.


A distance of 1.5m must be kept between one person and another, which is why the EVENT will limit the entry of people, in order to ensure that this distance is possible in the pavilions.
EXHIBITORS will also need to control the maximum number of people at their stands, thus complying with the distance established.
Signage must be installed at the stand indicating the maximum allowed number of people, according to the square meterage of the stand, with a ratio of 1 person for every 3 sqm.


Masks must be used during the entire time in the pavilion as well as when inside stands. It is recommended that masks be changed if they become wet or every 3 hours.

NOT permitted: face coverings not properly secure, face coverings with exhalation valves, bandanas, neck gaitors, face coverings that contain holes or is significantly damaged.

That face coverings have to fits properly and snuggly, fully covering your nose and mouth.

REED will make specific locations available at the entrance and exit of pavilions to discard material. Each stand needs to have at least one location for discarding materials that may be contaminated.

Use of electronic materials

Because of the high risk of contamination from surfaces, freebies, pamphlets or paper folders may not be distributed and it is suggested that electronic means be used.

Open designs

The design for your stand must include open and ventilated areas.
Meeting rooms, closed rooms, designs with a second floor or mezzanine should be avoided. If submitted, they will be subject to rigorous analysis and any approval will be dependent upon compliance with current protocols.
We suggest placing physical barriers on service counters and meeting tables.

Food and Beverage Services

It is advisable that stands refrain from having food and beverage services, to minimize people's time at the stand and prevent agglomerations.
If a decision is made to use this service, in addition to controlling the flow of people, all products must be individually wrapped before you arrive at the pavilion. Disposable utensils must be used to serve beverages.

For more specific information about safety measures, please have a look at the official documents:

Reed Exhibitons Protocol

Expo Center Norte Protocol

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We hope that helped provide more clarity about safety procedure at the event however, if you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of our team – we’re here to help!