in-cosmetics Korea
24th - 26th July 2024
COEX Hall C, Seoul

Who are the judges?

How are the judges selected?

All of our judges are independent experts from academia and the personal care industry, and they adhere to the strict judging criteria set by our in-cosmetics group.

How are the ingredients evaluated?

Active ingredients undergo assessment based on technical factors such as innovation, efficacy, and formulation. Similarly, functional ingredients are evaluated on technical aspects including innovation, sensory attributes, stability, and formulation. Both categories are also examined for their marketing strategy and narrative, compliance with regulations, and adherence to safety standards.

2024 Award Judges

Lorna Radford - Founder and Managing Director at ENKOS

Lorna Radford is an award-winning cosmetic scientist and Managing Director of Enkos Developments, a market leading formulation lab that develops bespoke products for brands in the personal care industry. She has a particular interest in novel technologies, creating products with interesting textures, and helping to bridge the European and Korean Beauty markets. Lorna has a first class Master’s degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge (specialised in Chemistry), achieved the highest ever score on the Society of Cosmetic Scientists/SCS Diploma, and was the inaugural winner of the CEW Young Achiever Award. She led the development team for the newly launched SCS Introduction to Cosmetic Science course. Lorna Radford is the Official Technical Advisor for in-cosmetics Korea 2024.

Seongmin(Mike) Sohn - CEO & Principal Consultant at REACH24H 

CEO & Representative of REACH24H KOREA, he manages global regulation compliance consulting service including chemicals, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals as well as market research globally. He has experiences in beauty, beauty device and pharmaceuticals organization with market research and RA expertise. He has contributed to many interviews, TV programs, magazines and reports as KOL of the market. Also wrote “K-wave white paper 2018” & “K-wave white paper 2019” as a co-author for the industry analysis and forecast. He believes that the trend and regulation go together as a whole which regulation also implies the trend updates and flows in the market.

John Jimenez - Senior Researcher at Belcorp

John Jiménez is a pharmacist from the National University of Colombia with a Master's in sustainable development and specialization studies in marketing, cosmetic science and neuromarketing. He is a prolific writer, having contributed to 30 publications worldwide and he has received countless, prestigious industry awards. He also speaks at various international conferences in Europe and Latin America. He joined Belcorp in 2005 and is currently serving as Senior Researcher for skincare, suncare and personal care categories. John was keynote speaker at the 33 World IFSCC Congress in Barcelona 2023 in the topic of sensory inclusion in cosmetics.

Dr. Jaesung Hwang - Professor at KyungHee University

Dr. Jaesung Hwang is a professor of Genetic Bioengineering at KyungHee University. He currently leads the Innovative Skin Technology Development Division (Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare) and previously headed the Advanced Dermatological Ingredient Development Division. With over a decade at KyungHee, he's been a vital part of the academy, industry as well as authority point of view. His expertise extends from Amorepacific Corporation skin research team (1994-2009) to roles like IFSCC's Academic Director and positions in Korean skincare research societies.

Faiza Hussain - Director of Product Innovations & Co-founder at NEX Skincare™

Award winning MSc Cosmetic Scientist Faiza Hussain specialises in safety assessments and toxicology, in addition to advanced anti-ageing solutions and skin colour. Faiza has had a passion for science from an early age, formulating with herbs and winning BBC Blue Peter awards for writing articles on 'dry skin and eczema'. Now with over 15 years of industry experience and passion for skin health, Faiza is widely known for her results-driven, clinically-backed innovation, formulating for laboratories, leading R&D, developing IP-protected delivery systems and contributing to the launch of hundreds of products taken to market by global leaders.

Dr. Joonho Choi - Chief Researcher at Amorepacific

As a Principal Researcher of AmorePacific, Dr. Joonho Choi is a pharmacist graduated from Seoul National University's College of Pharmacy. He has been actively conducting research on functional cosmetics, new drugs, healthcare products, future technology, and new materials at Amorepacific Research Center. His expertise and research experience in various fields have been highly evaluated in the industry.

Dr. Dominika Andrys 

Dr. Dominika Andrys is a Cosmetic Chemist based in New Zealand with over 15 years industry experience. Having acquired a Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology, a master's in Biotechnology, and a Postgraduate Degree in Cosmetic Chemistry, her research focuses on using essential oils as natural preservatives in skincare products. Dr. Andrys has developed products for more than 200 companies globally. She has published over 30 articles, including six in respected journals, and holds three patents. Along with being a member of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NZSCC) and Cosmetics NZ, Dr. Andrys has recently completed a book on the cosmetic industry and how to start a skincare brand (pending publication).

Byungjoon Park - Kolmar Korea

Park Byungjoon has accumulated over 20 years of experience at Kolmar Korea. Throughout his career, he has conducted foundational technological research across various fields, spanning from material development to efficacy and safety assessment, microbiology, and analysis. Additionally, he holds a master's degree in the field of food and a doctorate in pharmacy, demonstrating his diverse academic background. Leveraging this extensive expertise, Park Byungjoon endeavors to explore innovative research by integrating insights from different disciplines. Recognized for his contributions, he engages in advisory activities across multiple domains and has been honored with ministerial awards from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, and the Ministry of Environment.

Dr. Kilala Tilaar - CEO at Martha Tilaar Group

CEO of the Martha Tilaar Group, one of the largest natural beauty companies in Indonesia. Established in 1970, Martha Tilaar Group has managed a portfolio of 11 prominent beauty brands in the market, along with 68 spas and more than 20,000 retail points nationwide. Educated in Suffolk University, Harvard University in the States, Dr. Tilaar wanted to highlight the richness of Indonesia’s biodiversity and marine resources. He focuses the Group’s research activities in exotic natural, organic, sustainable and halal products. For their innovative approach, the Martha Tilaar Group received many national and international awards, among others, the Anugerah Abyudaya Award from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia in August 2016.

Dr. Seolhoon Lee - Professor at Dongduk Women’s University

Professor Lee, Seolhoon, currently serves as a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Cosmetics at Dongduk Women's University. He obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from KAIST and subsequently led research on cosmetic materials and innovative cosmetic formulations at the LG Household & Health Care Research Institute for 11 years. His current research focuses on establishing evaluation methods for improving the physical structure of the skin, including strengthening lipid packing and enhancing keratin hardening. Additionally, he conducts research on bioactive materials derived from living organisms and explores novel formulations based on Microfluidic technology.

Sanjana Balani - Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Potion Inc. 

Sanjana Balani is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of POTION INC, leading the company's vision of creating a hybrid skincare segment within the industry. She is a passionate entrepreneur, alchemist, and thought leader dedicated to revolutionizing the potency of nature. Her skincare line, Potion, combines biotechnology with natural bioactive compounds, producing the most gentle, efficacy-based products. Sanjana envisions a future where skincare transcends age, gender, and traditional formulas, embracing a fusion of skincare, biotechnology, and purpose. Sanjana holds a master's degree in Luxury Brand Management from Regent’s University London and an undergraduate degree in Finance and International Management from Boston University. Today, Sanjana works passionately with chemists toward a vision that is plant-powered.

Are you interested in judging?

If you'd like to participate as an award judge, please contact the in-cosmetics Korea Marketing Manager directly with a brief profile.