in-cosmetics Korea
13th - 15th July 2022
Seoul, South Korea

Technical Seminar Downloads

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14th July - Day 1

▶ Discover StarDesignᵀᴹ Power from Waxy Corn Promiseᵀᴹ

Presented by: Jason Zhang, Innovation and technical Manager APAC

▶ Keep the skin clean – What is the surprising role of “Microbiome”?

Presented by: Ryutaro Matsubayashi, Sales Division, SEIWA KASEI CO., LTD.

▶ Formulating cosmetics for the global market – Key regulatory and non-regulatory factors that can affect your choice of ingredients

Presented by: Percy Doufou-Shafiq, PhD, Senior Regulatory Specialist, UL

▶ LUMIPOD, A smart melanin activator for a safe tan

Presented by: Sangchul Chon, Senior Business Development Manager, Seppic Asia

▶ Serenitide - A new skin meditating peptide

Presented by: Sekyoo Jeong Ph.D., Director, CTO, Incospharm Corp.

▶ Soothing with Healthy Barriers - Your Natural Shield

Presented by: Joonseok Cha, Research Director, The Garden of Naturalsolution

▶ Benefits of ITT Treated Pigments and Dispersions in Anhydrous Formulations

Presented by: Hope Watkins, Application Lab Group Leader, Kobo Products Inc.

15th July - Day 2

▶ Protect and repair our four skin barrier

Presented by: Janice Wang, Senior Product Manager, Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd

▶ A safe antimicrobial ingredients for hair care products and others

Presented by: Myo-Deok Kim, Junior Researcher, ACTIVON

▶ Carbopol® SC-800 Polymer: Solving Rheology Challenges in Mild Surfactant Cleansing Formulations

Presented by: Jack Guo, Senior Scientist, Application Research, Lubrizol

▶ AlgaPūr™ HSHO Algae Oil : A stable and luxurious liquid bio-based oil

Presented by: Kwanhyun Cho, Senior Scientist (Technical), Lubrizol

16th July - Day 3

▶ Synergistic Effect of Bioactive Peptide and Phytochemistry on Targeted Skin Care

Presented by: Doris Wang, Application Director, Spec-Chem Industry Inc.

▶ Innovative Vitamin C derivatives: "Ceramide-VC" and "Autophagy-VC"

Presented by: Yoshihito Kasahara, Technical Sales, SEIWA KASEI CO., LTD.

▶ Introduction of amino acid-based nonionic surfactants

Presented by: Bogyoeng Kang, Research engineer, Nihon Emulsion

▶ Biohacking chronic bad sleep

Presented by: Mikel Gorostiaga, Sales & Marketing Director, LIPOTRUE S.L.