in-cosmetics Korea
12th - 14th July 2023
Coex, Seoul

Technical Seminar Downloads

Technical Seminar presentations are now available to download: 

13th July

▶ Natural ingredients for your sensitized skin

Presented by: Dr. Joonseok Cha, Research Director, The Garden of Naturalsolution

▶ Peptide manufacturing - The green revolution

Presented by: Dr. Gilles Parmentier, Head of Global Research Chemicals & Specialties, Bachem

▶ Kingbornit® Wet stripping Boron Nitride

Presented by: Paroe Fang, Marketing & Technology Manager, Guangzhou KingPowder Technology Co., Ltd.

▶ Smart moisturizer from scalp to face

Presented by: Bum-Soo Kim, Account Manager, DSM Korea

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▶ Skin health solution by fermentation

Presented by: Henry Lee, Sales manager, Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd.

14th July

▶ Latest consumer needs: How a natural bioactive meets today’s skincare trend

Presented by: Rene Schmitz, Technical Sales and Marketing Manager, bitop AG

▶ A plant derived multifunctional ingredient for anti-acne and anti-dandruff

Presented by: Myo-Deok Kim, Senior Researcher, Activon

▶ Taking advantage of electrostatic interactions for unprecedented skin moisturising

Presented by: BonWook Koo, Senior Account Manager Korea, Givaudan Active Beauty

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▶ Solstice® - New generation tech. for innovation in personal care aerosol product

Presented by: Kichul Ryu, Country Legal Representative, Honeywell PMT Korea

▶ First-in-class Transdermal delivery technology, PermeaCell™

Presented by: Won-Seok Choi, Overseas Marketing Director, Cellicon Lab Inc.

▶ Naturally soothe skin & scalp while protecting the diversity of skin microbiota

Presented by: Bénédicte Courel, General Manager- Cosmetics Business, Roquette Beauté

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