in-cosmetics Korea
12th - 14th July 2023
Coex, Seoul

Marketing Trends & Regulations Seminar

Take a deep dive into the hottest marketing trends with presentations from regulations and legislation to expert analysis and trend reports, find out the latest predictions and use it to inform your plans for the future. 

The dominance and reputation of Korean cosmetics in the global market is peaking as the country ranks as the third-largest exporter of cosmetics worldwide. Korean beauty is all about customization and the country’s cosmetic ingredients are innovative and inspired by nature in a way unique to Korea. With a dynamic local market that draws fierce competition and speedy time-to-market, we have seen a wealth of innovation from: The digital retail experience, to natural ingredients and formulations.

This year, there will be special focus on the functional ingredients and safety, gender-neutral formulations and how brands are evolving their digital strategy. 

  • Free to attend (but available on a first come, first serve basis) for visitors registered for the show.
  • Simultaneous Korean-English interpretation will not be provided during the seminar programme. Click the session to check the language the seminar will be presented in.

Industry & Ingredients Trends

Join the conversation with industry experts like Mintel, Euromonitor and Beautystreams to discuss a wide range of topics, solutions and trends as well as experts from Korean cosmetics brands. Learn more about the intricacies involved in other areas of the cosmetics industry and find potential opportunities to enter the Asian and global markets. 

Regulations & Compliance

Cosmetic safety and quality improvements are being updated constantly and the presentation will be delivered by consulting agency like REACH24H. With expert-led talks, stay ahead of the latest research and learn practical advice about the Asian and global markets.  

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