in-cosmetics Korea
13th - 15th July 2022
Seoul, South Korea

Marketing Trends & Regulations Seminar

Take a deep dive into the hottest marketing trends with presentations from the likes of Mintel, Euromonitor and Reach24H to name a few. From regulations and legislation to expert analysis and trend reports, find out the latest predictions and use it to inform your plans for the future.

Free to attend if you pre-register for the event.

Industry & Ingredients Trends

The pandemic has meant that we’ve all had to adapt. Join colleagues and peers to learn more about how this is affecting consumers and the new trends that have followed. We must share information so we can all develop and compete in these rapidly changing times.

Regulations & Compliance

Cosmetic safety and quality improvements are being updated constantly. With expert-led talks, stay ahead of the latest research and learn practical advice about the Asian and global markets.  


Join the conversation with industry experts to discuss a wide range of topics, solutions and trends. Learn more about the intricacies involved in other areas of the cosmetics industry and find potential opportunities to enter the Asian and global markets.

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You can hold the specific problem-solving discussions face-to-face with ingredient suppliers from all over the world.

What else happens at the show?

Besides the Marketing Trends, there are many other features of in-cosmetics Korea for you to discover.