in-cosmetics Korea
24th - 26th July 2024
COEX Hall C, Seoul

Marketing Trends Seminar Downloads

Marketing Trends Presentations are now available to download: 

12th July

▶ 2023 Global consumer trends in the beauty industry

Presented by: Yang Hu, Insights Manager, Health & Beauty Asia, Euromonitor

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▶ How to build a winning consumer proposition in a highly competitive market

Presented by: Mário Braz De Matos, Founder & CEO, Flying Fish Lab

▶ Emergence of eye wrinkles can be controlled: Next-generation antiaging strategy based on new biomechanical findings

Presented by: Yukari Ichikawa, Technical Information Manager, Shiseido

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▶ Japanese beauty trends 2023

Presented by: Reiko Hasegawa, Senior Analyst for Beauty and Personal Care – Japan, Mintel 

▶ From lip care to lip beautification in Asia

Presented by: Fei XU, Market Intelligence Director, & Iris Eun, Korea Senior Project Manager, Asia Cosme Lab

13th July

▶ Hair is the new skin: Insights into the game-changing hair care ‘skinification’ trend in Asia

Presented by: Amanda Lim, Editor, CosmeticsDesign- Asia

▶ A Microbiome Testing Pioneer: From launching the world’s first microbiome in vivo testing platform for companies, Sequential will present their cutting-edge work on clinical studies, microbiome formulation and certification expertise. 

Presented by: Albert Dashi, PhD, Co-founder & CSO, Sequential Skin

▶ Mary Grace Cosmetics at the forefront of sensitive skincare

Presented by: Gouganovski, Founder, Mary Grace Cosmetics

▶ Latest China's NCI (New Cosmetics Ingredient) notification regulation and case studies

Presented by: Seongmin (Mike) Sohn, CEO & Representative Consultant, REACH24H Consulting Group, Korea

14th July

▶ The prospects and opportunities presented by masstige beauty

Presented by: Phil Hwang, Head of Strategy, APAC, SGK

▶ Macro movements 2023-2027: Reaching an equilibrium between people, planet and prosperity

Presented by: Chaewon Lee, Marketing & Sales Director – Korea, BEAUTYSTREAMS 

▶ How post-pandemic market is shaping regulatory trends in APAC landscape 

Presented by: Hyojin Jung, Regulatory Affairs Consultant, REACH24H Consulting Group

▶ Purification, Protection, Skinification, Detoxification: The new drivers of cleansing in Asia

Presented by: Fei XU, Market Intelligence Director, & Iris Eun, Korea Senior Project Manager, Asia Cosme Lab

▶ The impact of employing viral marketing tactics on consumers' purchasing intentions.

Presented by: Brian Lazuardi Tjahyanto, Managing Director of PT Wahana Kosmetika Indonesia