in-cosmetics Korea
13th - 15th July 2022
Seoul, South Korea

Marketing Trends Seminar Downloads

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14th July - Day 1

▶ Disruptive digitalisation: Future of beauty e-commerce

Presented by: YoungMi Kim, Research Analyst, Service & Payment, Euromonitor

▶ Ethically Correct Beauty: The next level of clean

Presented by: Jayanne Jin, EVP Business Development, BEAUTYSTREAMS

Please contact Amy Miller: for more information.

▶ The latest digital and technology trends impacting beauty and consumer trends

Presented by: Sumit Chopra, Director Research Analysis, Globaldata

▶ 2021 Skincare format trends 2021 Skincare format trends

Presented by: Hwa Jun Lee, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst, Mintel

▶ The future of Halal Beauty and the response of K-Beauty

Presented by: Dr. James Noh, Founder, Korea Institute of Halal Industry

 Please contact Dr. James Noh: for more information.

▶ Asia-Pacific Cosmetic Regulatory Update: China Taiwan, Korea, Japan, ASEAN and Australia

Presented by: Hyojin Jung, Senior Researcher of REACH24H KOREA

15th July - Day 2

▶ Cleansing & hygiene, the key pilar of the radiance beauty routine

Presented by: Florence Bernadin, Founder, AsiaCosmeLab

▶ The evolution of handcare and its impending “golden age”.

Presented by: Julius Lim, CEO, B&B Labs Cosmeceuticals

▶ Edible beauty: The convergence of food and skincare

Presented by: Sumit Chopra, Director Research Analysis, Globaldata

▶ How K-beauty's dominance outshines globally during the pandemic period

Presented by: Mike Sohn, Senior researcher, REACH24H KOREA

Day 3 - 16th July

▶Traditional ingredients that meets modern beauty approaches and concerns

Presented by: Florence Bernadin, Founder, AsiaCosmeLab

▶ Clean Beauty and Sensitivity Beauty - TOP20 K Beauty New Product

Presented by: Dr. Byeong-Yeon Lim, Director, National Center for Cosmetics R&D

▶ Why beauty brands need to move towards a circular economy & how to embrace it

Presented by: Emma Lewisham, Founder, Emma Lewisham Skincare