in-cosmetics Korea
24th - 26th July 2024
Coex, Seoul

K-Beauty Inspiration Zone

What makes K-Beauty so innovative? How can I learn how to stand out? What products should I be looking out for?

The K-Beauty Inspiration Zone is the place to go to answers those questions, and anything else you might want to know!

Korean Beauty is all about customization and inspiration. Its unique Korean ingredients inspire manufacturers to formulate new products that are taking the world by storm.

Since its launch in 2019, the K-Beauty Inspiration Zone has been an iconic feature where Korean and international researchers can get a unique insight into the most innovative and popular K-Beauty products. The Top 21 K-Beauty products are carefully selected and analysed by industry experts and displayed for all visitors.


In 2023, the zone will be divided into two sections; Product showcase and the Open theatre. From being able to physically see and test products, to a wider variety of sessions, this year’s K-Beauty Inspiration Zone will be even more engaging to visitors.

Product Showcase

The Product Showcase this year will be separated into two areas, the Top 21 Finished Products and Ingredients Highlight and Exhibitor Recommendations.

Top 21 Finished Products & Ingredient Highlights 

Explore 21 K-Beauty finished products that have been successfully launched around the world, allowing you to see, touch and experience first-hand. Accompanying the display will be market research conducted by Mintel and an in-depth look at which standout ingredients set the product apart.

The show’s technical advisor Lorna Radford will pick 1-2 key star ingredients that were used in the finished products, and you’ll be able see and feel it alongside the product display by exhibitors such as Seppic, Bloomage Biotechnology and Biogetics. You’ll receive direct insight into how these ingredients have been effectively used to create the finished product and the potential benefits it can bring to your own formulations.  

Exhibitor's Recommendation

Here you will be able to explore what ingredients and formulations there are at the show that would be suitable for K-Beauty. 

Exhibitors like Microphyt, Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., SEPPIC ASIA and more will be displaying their product that they think will drive K-beauty development in the future.

Open Theatre

Our partner Mintel is back with the popular Future Trends seminars where you can learn about what future beauty trends will affect K-Beauty in the coming years. There will be multiple sessions during the day by industry professionals and it’s a great way to get ahead and discover the trends that will influence the market. Sessions include a Q&A with Mintel Japan, a Q&A with Shiseido and a look at 'India market trend for K-beauty brands' by Lemese.

Daily Sessions: Lorna Radford, CEO of ENKOS demonstrates how to formulate for success in the European market, with unique insights into both Korean and European markets. There will be a live demonstration in a lab setting where she shows just how the formulation works.


Think your ingredient, product or formulation has what it takes to be in the Inspiration Zone?

If you’d like to participate in the K-Beauty Inspiration Zone, contact your sales representative today.