in-cosmetics Korea
13th - 15th July 2022
Seoul, South Korea

K-Beauty Inspiration Zone

Bold ideas, concepts and trending Korean personal care products are presented, demonstrated and analyzed to inspire the development of a new generation of ambitious K-Beauty products aiming at leading the global market.

Different to popular beauty products reviewed by editors on various media channels, the K-Beauty Inspiration Zone at in-cosmetics Korea is a key feature on the exhibition floor where Korean and international researchers can pay a visit to view the most inspiring K Beauty products carefully selected and curated by global marketing research company Mintel. 

Open Theatre

K-Beauty marketing presentations will be delivered by leading speakers in the zone as they examine the strength and success of K-Beauty products. 

  • Future trends in K-beauty

The K-beauty trend will quickly synchronize with the global trend, so this session will introduce the global trends in each category that will impact K-beauty in the future. Climate change and the limitation of natural resources would be challenges for natural ingredient harvesting, brands will explore lab-grown or natural-identical ingredients more and create a new sustainability story of the future facial care. Global consumers' desire for bold, statement-making eye looks will grow. Focus on the eyes  would allow consumers to express a range of emotions with their makeup.  Makeup will be used as a way to express individual identity as it pertains to mood.

Product Showcase

Browse the selected products, identify the ingredients and make face to face contact with ingredient suppliers at the exhibition, saving a lot of time on ingredient research.

The most inspired top 10 make up and skin care products developed by Korean manufacturers and trending in the global market will be presented with clear marketing and technical insights explained. 

Mintel Live Demo

  • K-beauty products across the APAC region  

South Korea's skincare/colour cosmetics categories are growing solidly, even during the pandemic whilst the exports of K-Beauty increased by 22% in 2021 compared to 2020, reaching an all-time high. Meanwhile, skincare accounted for 51% of K-Beauty exports in 2021. Find out about the impact of K-beauty products across the region, with presentations about trends and concepts, such as clean beauty, sustainability, 'skinificated' makeup, etc.

Questions from visiting researchers will be addressed directly face-to-face!

Attend in-cosmetics Korea 2022

You can hold the specific problem-solving discussions face-to-face with ingredient suppliers from all over the world.

What else happens at the show?

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