in-cosmetics Korea
14th - 16th July, 2021
Seoul, South Korea

Innovation Zone

Showcasing the latest raw materials to hit the market, the Innovation Zone is one of the most popular features at the show. Each box features a new ingredient, launched within the last eighteen months, giving you the opportunity to browse and discover new ways to bring that innovative edge to your formulation. Selected boxes will also come with a formulation display, allowing you to put the ingredient to the test right on the show floor.

Located at the centre of the exhibition, the Innovation Zone is a pivotal hub for R&D professionals to identify, learn and be inspired by the latest inspirational ingredients and product concepts. The zone is free to attend and there is no extra booking required.

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Celebrating the most pioneering new ingredients!

Take a look at the winners of Innovation Zone Award  in each Active ingredient and Functional ingredient!

Active Ingredient



(Lucas Meyer Cosmetics IFF)







Dendriclear™(Lucas Meyer Cosmetics IFF) won Gold prize for having marketing elements by combining microbiome with recent trends.

NUMBER 6(LABORATOIRES EXPANSCIENC), who won silver prize, was recognized for its excellence in combining natural ingredients with up-cycling concept and REPORCYL®-AION(RAHN AG's) won Bronze prize for its stability.

Functional Ingredient


Cargill Beauty

StarDesign Power



Kelco-Care™ Diutan Gum




StarDesign Power(Cargill Beauty) won Gold prize in Functional Ingredient. The judges gave high score for its plant-derived ingredients and sustainability.

Kelco-Care™ Diutan Gum(LUBRIZOL) won silver prize, for its excellence in covering wider ph range with little use.

Activonol-S(ACTIVON) won bronze prize for an alternative preservation that has the concept and efficiency of clean beauty at the same time.

Must visit for R&D specialist

Get up-to-date information on how to apply state-of-the-art technology to new beauty concepts. Develop your formulation techniques in areas including technology, natural ingredients, patent technology and industry best-sellers.

Innovation Zone Award

Celebrating the most pioneering new ingredients that combine innovative science and beneficial product features.

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Unfortunately, the pre-registration closed at 6pm, 12 July and is no longer available.

You can still register onsite for an admission fee of 10,000 KRW

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