in-cosmetics Korea
24th - 26th July 2024
Coex, Seoul

Innovation Zone

Must visit for R&D specialist

Get up-to-date information on how to apply state-of-the-art technology to new beauty concepts. Develop your formulation techniques in areas including technology, natural ingredients, patent technology and industry best-sellers. Showcasing the latest raw materials to hit the market, the Innovation Zone is one of the most popular features at the show. 

Each box features a new ingredient, launched within the last 8 months, giving you the opportunity to browse and discover new ways to bring that innovative edge to your formulation.

For your convenience and easier navigation, the Innovation Zone is split between functional and active ingredients. As a bonus, test and feel the texture of a select few (presented in a formulated state) that you won’t be able to resist working into your next product launch!

Celebrate the 2024 Best Ingredient Award with us!

What is the Award all about?

The Award honours the best ingredients submitted to Innovation Zone, launched within 8 months of the show, judged by a panel of international and Korean experts. To qualify, these active and functional ingredients must combine innovative science and product features in a way that offers substantial benefits to manufacturers and end-users, surpassing existing counterparts.

When will the ceremony take place?

The awards will be announced on Wednesday, July 24th, the first day of the show at the Innovation Zone.

Are you interested in visiting?

Every year, personal care manufacturers and suppliers return to the event to source ingredients, learn and get inspiration. 

What else happens at the show?

Besides the Innovation Zone, there are many other features of in-cosmetics Korea for you to discover.