in-cosmetics Korea
24th - 26th July 2024
COEX Hall C, Seoul

Country Focus – Japan

Asia Pacific is on the forefront of beauty innovation, with Japanese beauty being one of the leaders. Korean Beauty is a comparatively young & trendy market whilst Japan Beauty is a more mature cosmetics market.

Brands like Shiseido, Bioré and SK:II have been taking over the cosmetics world and there is a lot to learn about how these ingredients and formulation will lead K-Beauty forward.

This year, in-cosmetics Korea will have a specific country focus programme to explore further what Japan has to offer in terms of ingredients, formulations and trends.

You’ll have specific Technical Seminars from Japanese exhibitors, a country pavilion where you can meet all the niche Japanese suppliers face-to-face and their ingredients displayed in the Innovation Zone and K-Beauty Inspiration Zone.

Hear about the latest technology

The cosmetics industry is constantly changing and we can learn advanced technological developments from Japanese companies. This year you will be able to hear a special keynote speaker from Shiseido Japan talking about the latest in technology and will be held in the Technical Seminars theatre.

Also joining in the theatre will be J-Beauty technical presentations by Japanese exhibitors. There will be technical presentations by Japanese exhibitors including Nikko Group, Ajinomoto Health Supply, Seiwa Kasei and Vitamin C60 BioResearch, highlighting the latest technologies they have been using.

Technical Seminars by leading Japanese Exhibitors:

  • Ajinomoto Healthy Supply Co.,Ltd: Join this session to learn the application their two amino acid-based gelling agents GP-1 and EB-21 to emulsified cosmetics and their novel effects.
  • Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.: The newest ingredient - NIKKOL LECINOL MFL that is designed to protect and strengthen the skin barrier from external aggressors and balances sensory neuron-related proteins that can alleviate hypersensitivity.
  • Seiwa Kasei: Seiwa Kasei has developed a new –PhytoCuticle that mimics the structure of hair cuticle, which selectively absorbs damaged parts of the hair surface and restores hydrophobicity, better combing ability and faster hair drying speed.
  • Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corp.: Find out their novel upcycled ingredient derived from yeast residues of UMAMI seasoning designed to provide a “second-skin” velvet touch through its hydration technology. 100% Natural, sustainable and preservative free.

Which suppliers can I meet?


SEIWA KASEI is a research and development-oriented chemical manufacturing company that develops and manufactures raw materials primarily used in cosmetics.

They have been aiming to develop raw materials with biochemical functions in new research fields and have started to develop amino acid derivatives and vitamin C derivatives since the early 2000s. 

TriBeaute Inc.

TriBeaute from Japan (Tokyo) are developing and supplying Unique Active Ingredients for skincare, haircare and nutrition in the world.

Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation

Vitamin C60 Bioresearch Corporation are the first manufacturer in the world to develop fullerene as a raw material for cosmetics. 

Fullerene is strong and long-lasting antioxidant with a variety of properties such as anti-inflammation. In 2020, they succeeded in developing a natural and environmentally friendly plant-derived fullerene, which is also the world’s first product of its kind.

And on independent booths in the show floor:

Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd

Established in 1946, NIKKOL GROUP began with a focus on Interface and Colloid Chemistry, but we have since become a leader in the field of specialty chemicals. We work to contribute to the enrichment of human life through a wide variety of business services including the manufacture of high quality raw materials and surfactants, the development of product formulations, and the evaluation of safety and efficacy of ingredients and final products.


Born from many years of amino acid research, Ajinomoto KK has a lineup of personal care ingredients that are perfect for the product concept of the new era. We can help you create a wide variety of products that meet the needs of the times and the market.

See the ingredients up close

You'll be able to see the formulated finished products along with the ingredients used and their formulations, for products that will drive K-Beauty development in the future.

These will be displayed in the K-Beauty Inspiration Zone and The Innovation Zone.


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Do you have an ingredient to highlight?

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