in-cosmetics Korea
12th - 14th July 2023
Coex, Seoul

Exhibit Safe

Creating safe stands for business

As we prepare to deliver in-cosmetics Korea there are some changes for our exhibitors to be aware of, to ensure we all create and maintain safe environments to do business.

Stand capacity

To maintain physical distancing, you will be responsible for identifying the capacity of your stand and controlling this onsite. 

Enclosed stands

In order to enclose larger areas of your stand you must have a COVID-19 management plan in place to demonstrate that physical distancing can be maintained at all times. Controlled entry/exit points onto the stand must be clearly visible and manned so that capacity is managed.

Group demonstrations

Demonstrations of this nature create crowds on the stand and often overflowing into the aisle space. These are difficult to manage and therefore, due to physical distancing requirements at this time, they are not permitted.

Individual demonstrations

Demonstrations of physical products to an individual customer may be permitted if the exhibitor can successfully demonstrate how they will mitigate the risks of COVID-19..

Meeting rooms

Small-enclosed meeting rooms are not practical at this time. You are permitted to use an open meeting space with a clear acrylic screen dividing each table and therefore, the participants of the meeting. This space should be sanitised between uses.

Cleaning & hygiene

You must provide hand sanitiser and/or hand washing facilities within the stand design. All high touch points should be cleaned regularly with appropriate cleaning materials during build, show open and breakdown.

Hospitality & catering

Food and drink cannot be offered as a giveaway to passers-by or used as an attraction on the stand. Solid food consumption is strictly prohibited inside the hall.

Promotional material

To reduce touchpoints please avoid any promotional material (e.g. product brochure, giveaways and business cards etc) that will be handled by more than one person. Find out more about how we are using Emperia for safe sharing at our events.

Contact us

We hope that helped provide more clarity about safety procedure at the event however, if you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of our team – we’re here to help!


Have a few questions about the event? Take a look at our FAQ page, where we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions, to help you get the most out of the event.