in-cosmetics Korea
24th - 26th July 2024
Coex, Seoul

in-cosmetics Korea 2023 Show review

Invaluable interaction between 284 suppliers from 23 countries and 12,901 personal care creators in total (unique visitors 10,823)


in-cosmetics Korea returned to the spiritual home of cosmetics innovation in July, recording its largest and highest international attendance since its inception in 2015. The event attracted 10,823 unique visitors - a 27% increase on the previous year - for three days of unrivalled knowledge sharing, ingredient sourcing, and networking with industry pioneers and experts.

Demonstrating the event’s global focus, 56% of the 284 ingredient suppliers and manufacturers and 1 in 10 visitors (13%) to the event had travelled from outside Korea including China, Thailand and Japan. 

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The best represented nations amongst exhibitors were (as of 2023)

  • South Korea (126)
  • China (61)
  • France (21)
  • United States (13)
  • India (11)
  • Germany (6)
  • Japan (11)
  • Singapore (7)
  • Spain (5)
  • Italy (4)

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