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25 & 26 October 2022
London, United Kingdom

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Sustainability at the forefront: Advances in Science & Technology underpinning emerging trends in cosmetic formulation

By providing a much-needed platform, the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit aims to tackle the evolving trends within the industry. In 2022, we focused on the sustainable and formulation market, skin microbiome, advancements in anti-ageing, microplatics and more will be discussed this year. 

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The 2022 Summit delved deeper into sustainability. Focusing on how to tackle the urgent action needed to adapt to the everchanging regulatory landscape and protect the future of the planet.

The topics included are vast but with sustainability at the forefront, discussions around innovation in packaging and upcycling were deliberated along with many others. Find out how you can get involved with the discussions and attend next year.

in-cosmetics Formulation Summit 2022 Highlights

Themes that were covered in 2022

Delegates can expect to hear from top speakers and experts in their field, discussing various topics within the industry


Learn how the industry is developing  systems to measure and prove credibility when it comes to being more sustainable.


Learn how a multi-sensory environment or formulation can influence perception, behaviour, mood and well-being.

The Metaverse

The future of beauty is here - delve into topics surrounding predictions on what the cosmetic industry will shape into in the coming years.


As the shift in consumers’ approach to beauty becomes more health orientated, enhanced formulations now plays a vital role.

The summit provides us with the perfect opportunity to discuss new ideas and create new experiences for consumers as it gathers inspirational people from all over the world to form a great melting-pot of creativity and ideas.

Richard Oliver
CEO, The Unseen

We wanted to come to the summit as we thought the theme was an important trend in the industry. We want to get a deeper understanding of what customers want and we heard some brilliant speakers speak on a broad range of topics.

Christina Kohlman
Senior Manager Global Projects and Scouting, BASF

We are patent and trademark attorneys so the summit is a great opportunity for us to keep up to date with the industry for our current clients and to network and connect with potential new clients.

Marianna Privett
Partner, AA Thornton

I have found the summit to be very informative and useful for my business, an indie brand. The speakers have been great and I especially enjoyed the talks on the application of AI.

Ogochukwu Agunenye

The summit was definitely worthwhile coming to and is very well-organised. In the future, I would perhaps like to see a focus on changes in regulations.

Anna Williams
Technologist, Solent

I was attracted by the personalisation theme and have not been disappointed! I have found the presentations to be very helpful for my formulation company and was especially interested in the talks by Andy Postles and Vivienne Rudd.

Marianna Privett
Partner, AA Thornton

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