in-cosmetics Korea
13th - 15th July 2022
Seoul, South Korea

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in-Cosmetics Korea's efforts to share knowledge with the industry continue even after the event. We have designed a platform to help connect researchers and formulators to the latest trends and opportunities to grow in the cosmetics industry. Don't miss out on anything by checking out all our previous webinars.

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A leading innovation-driven company specializing in the development and manufacture of peptides and oligonucleotides, Bachem, in this webinar

the speaker will guide you through the individual steps for synthesis of peptides applying Molecular Hiving™ technology. This approach is a tag-assisted liquid-phase peptide synthesis technology developed by Professor Kazuhiro Chiba at Tokyo University of Technology and Agriculture.

Molecular Hiving™ technology allows cost-efficient and Green manufacturing of Peptides

Dr. Wolfgang Seufert

Director Production III – Process Development, Bachem


Stefanie Dobitz

Group Leader Custom Synthesis Sales, Bachem


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Check out other sessions that gather a number of specialists exploring a variety of trending topics on Korean beauty. Korean cosmetic ingredient suppliers of haircare, skincare, colour cosmetics and make-up share thier technical advice and knowledge. 

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Korea Innovation Day

All sessions are available to watch on-demand now!

Session title Presented by
Tuning scalp anti-aging with skin autophagy and B-catenin signaling activators
Dr. Sekyoo Jeong, Director and CTO, incospharm
Hair and Antiaging – Hair restoration and anti-ageing tripeptides
Peter Jung, CEO, Equipforskin Co Ltd.
Further understanding growth factors and the solution to its stability problem
Ha Kung Joo, Int’l Marketing & Sales Associate, PnP Biopharm Co., Ltd.
Keep natural beauty of the skin by improving skin microbiome balance
Hyeseon Lee, Manager in Business Dept., RADIANT Inc.
Next Generation Ceramides
Chang Seo Park, PhD, CTO, LCS Biotech Co., Ltd.
PhelloCure: Protect your skin from PM2.5
Joonseok Cha, Ph.D., Director, Research Center, The Garden of Naturalsolution Co., Ltd.
CC Bead/UV Cut Powder
Hyesu Park, Assistant Manager, Chemland
Encapsulation Cosmetics
Hailan Jin, General Manager, KPT, Co.,Ltd.

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K-Beauty Formulation Day

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Session title Presented by
Formulation of natural sunscreen and alcohol-free anti-bacterial mist
Steve Choi, Executive VP, BST Inc.
The influence of global K-beauty: How to make your skin more bright and clean?
Minkyu Shin, R&D Team Leader, Macrocare TECH CO., Ltd
Hair loss prevention and scalp restoration using natural ingredients
Mooyeung Kim, CEO, JEUNCELL Co., Ltd

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The Science of K-Beauty Ingredients

All sessions are available to watch on-demand now!

Session title Presented by
A multi-functional collagen for haircare & repair
Chae Hong Pyo, CTO at Beautee collagen
Innovative surface treatment technology to improve the use of finished products
Kerry Yun, CEO at Soleon
Green, nanocellulose raw material for sunscreen application
Soo-Jeong Shin, CEO at Naturecostech
Introducing innovated and patented encapsulation soft pearl systems
JINJOO OH, Global Sales Manager at KPT

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