in-cosmetics Korea
13th - 15th July 2022
Seoul, South Korea

Virtual Formulation Lab

Due to social distancing restrictions, this year’s Formulation Lab will be held as a one-day virtual event on Thursday 22 July.

The Virtual Formulation Lab will continue to provide the opportunity for formulators and R&D specialists to learn new formulation techniques from international players.

These formulation training sessions are free to attend and are carefully curated to maximise the scope of learning and help formulators stay on top with the latest personal care ingredients.

The Virtual Formulation Labs will feature the latest product knowledge, transferable techniques and practical demonstrations, as well as the opportunity for you to ask questions directly to the world’s leading formulators.

22 July Thursday

Session Title Time Presenter
99% Natural anti-sagging face cream made possible with PEG-free vegan emulsifier
Mie Lin Soong (Gattefossé Asia Pacific)
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A Deeper Dive on Alpha-Gel Emulsification
Yuki Yanagi (Nikko Chemicals)
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Formulating Sunscreens at Room Temperature with Mineral UV Filters in Powder
Meredith Dessau (Kobo)
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99% Natural anti-sagging face cream made possible with PEG-free vegan emulsifier

Presented by: Mie LinSoong , Regional Technical Specialist at Gattefossé Asia Pacific

Sustainability and naturality is now a requirement more than a trend. Creating PEG-free, vegan, and clean formulations is now possible using our 100% natural origin, COSMOS approved emulsifier. Emulium Dolcea MB provides immediate and long-lasting moisturizing power while bringing extreme softness to cosmetic emulsions. A 99% Natural, anti-sagging face cream will be showcase with our latest PEG-free emulsifier and EleVastin™, a novel active that promotes skin elasticity and redesigns facial oval.

A Deeper Dive on Alpha-Gel Emulsification

Presented by: Yuki Yanagi , General Manager(Formulation and Concept Development Division) at NIKKOL GROUP Nikko Chemicals

This 1st half of the session will guide attendees with the following information:

Alpha-gel emulsions in Japanese skincare market: Rationale of use & benefits

  • Review of properties & efficacies when using an alpha-gel emulsifier (NIKKOL Purephos Alpha)
  • New emulsion techniques:  Oil gelation and Polymer-Free Emulsions

The 2nd half of the session will show attendees how to make several showcase formulas using different techniques with a single, high-purity emulsifier.

Nikkol Purephos Alpha is Cosmos-certified and RSPO Mass Balance.

Formulating Sunscreens at Room Temperature with Mineral UV Filters in Powder

Presented by: Meredith Dessau, Application Lab Development Chemist at KOBO

Kobo Products, Inc. offers a range of inorganic UV filters available as surface treated powders or as dispersions in a wide variety of carriers. Participants will learn how to formulate a sunscreen at room temperature by incorporating either surface-treated powders or dispersions; see the benefits of using UV Boosters in addition to natural spherical silica microspheres and surface treated cellulose microspheres for improved texture and feel; experience the differences in ease of formulation and processing time; evaluate the final aesthetics of each formula including coverage, opacity, play time and emollience.

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