in-cosmetics Korea
13th - 15th July 2022
Seoul, South Korea

My Innovation Zone Booking

Congratulations! You have booked a spot at the most visited area of the exhibition. Many visitors use the Innovation Zone to source ingredients for their next formulation, often following with a visit to exhibitors' stands for an in-depth discussion.

You will also benefit from entry to the highly coveted Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards. All you have to do is submit your ingredient details for consideration by the judges.

Formulation Display

If you have booked a formulation display you will be able to showcase your ingredient in ONE sample formulation. We will include the formulation details on the product information display board.

Visitors love to see and feel what their future formulation might be like. If you haven't booked a formulation display, talk to your local representative to upgrade.

Tell us about your ingredient

Consider the audience, the majority will be formulators looking for technical specifications but there will also be marketers, that have an influence purchasing, looking for ingredients that fulfill the latest trends.

Be clear about what your product does, outline technical details and list any specifications your product meets such as organic, halal or vegan.

Deadlines: To be announced

What will my display look like?

You can decorate the interior of your display cube. All information you have submitted to us will be included in the information board above your display including, company name, stand number, contact details and product description.

If you would like to use an i-pad to present further information, you can order a socket for your display, to do so email Anna Carrick.

More information coming soon

Got a question?

If you have any trouble uploading your information or if you have a question about your display, email the team.

Not booked an Innovation Zone Display?

If you have an ingredient launched within the 8 months preceding the show, book a display at the Innovation Zone.

Take advantage of discounted advertising

Available only to Innovation Zone exhibitors, there are two promotional packages to support your display including online and social advertising.