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  • Ucuuba Butter

    It is extracted from the seeds of a native tree in the Amazon region that grows in wetlands, floodplains and flooded forest areas. With great cosmetic...

  • Ultra fine color-shifting series

    Company:   Hebei Oxen New Materials Co., Ltd

    • U60

    Products with ultra fine particle size but could achieve color-shifting effect.

  • Ultra fine-super interference series

    Company:   Hebei Oxen New Materials Co., Ltd

    • U60

  • Ultra Mild solutions - Alternatives to...

    Company:   Kao Chemicals Europe SL

    • H20

    Kao Chemicals Europe offers a list of ingredients that allows formulation without sulfates, offering improved mildness, good foaming properties and e...

  • Ultramarine Blue

    Company:   Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Ltd

    • B15

  • Ultramarines

    Company:   Venator

    • C71

    Venator offers a comprehensive range of ULTRAMARINE and manganese violet pigments for cosmetic applications. These pigments comply with key regulation...


    Company:   Naturalis Srl

    • AK50

    Urban-stop forms a natural film barrier able to reduce the adhesion and accumulation of airborne particulate matter PM2.5 on the skin and protects sk...


    Company:   Biocosmethic

    • AD71

    Obtained from Cotton stem cells, UrbanEthic active ingredient offers a global protection against UV radiations, atmospheric pollutants and heavy metal...

  • UV Cut Dispersion

    Company:   Chemland Co.,Ltd

    • B50
    shared with Ricardo Molina S.A.U:

    It is hard to apply TiO2 or ZnO itself to formulation because they tend to agglomerate each other. By preventing agglomeration and dispersing it even...

  • UV Filters

    Company:   Venator

    • C71

    Our high-quality, transparent TiO2 products can be used to create sun and day care products with consistent UV filtering capabilities. Alongside excel...