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    Company:   Biolie

    • X51

    BIOLIE develops natural dyes from plants and colors your customized cosmetic emulsions. Our exclusive enzymatic maceration technology is able to color...

  • RAYON FIBER 3.3T-0.8MM(S)

    Company:   Kobo Products, Inc.

    • R20

    RAYON FIBER 3.3T-0.8MM(S) is a white fiber in short cut form composed of Rayon (And) Silica. This unique "cloud" shaped fiber is used for a volumizing...

  • Re:Lameil

  • Re:Laméil

    Company:   Iwase Cosfa Europe

    • W56

    Last launch of our partner, from biofermentation from olive oil and a unique yeast that is only found in the nectar of a flower from Mount Tsukuba. Ce...

  • Ready-made concentrates for Shampoo,...

    Company:   Unicorn Petroleum Industries Pvt. Ltd.

    • AK33

    We offer ready-made concentrates for Shampoo, face-wash, hand-was and liquid soap. The mixture contains the emulsifier, foaming agent and the cleansin...

  • Real-time characterization of particles...

    Company:   LUM GmbH

    • Z81
    shared with JOVER

    Multi-wavelength LUMiReader®PSA features: • Particle size distribution (ISO 13317) • Direct separation stability in real time in original concentrat...

  • Recelline

    Company:   Contipro a.s.

    • F10

    Recelline activates proteasomes and optimizes repair of damaged proteins. It leads to highly effective protein turnover slowing down the aging of skin...


    Company:   SILAB

    • J50

    Obtained from French chestnuts, RECOVERINE® is a patented and eco-designed active capable of stimulating epidermal homeostasis and ensuring a function...

  • Red Iron Oxide

    Company:   Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Ltd

    • B15

  • Redensyl™ - The hair growth galvaniser

    Company:   Givaudan Active Beauty

    • H60

    Redensyl is the newest breakthrough against hair loss and the best alternative to hair transplantation. It is the first hair care cosmetic active ingr...


    Company:   Exsymol S.A.M.

    • AD20

  • RedOxMics

    Company:   PHYLOGENE

    • Y23a

    Oxidation and abiotic stress investigation with RedOxMicsTM