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  • N-Butyl Resorcinol - Hyperpigmentation...

    Company:   Kumar Organic Products Limited

    • AL70

    Has an reducing effect on the activity of the tyrosinase, Acts on the following mechanisms of the melanogenesis process: Interferes in the syn...

  • N-Collage

    Company:   Geltor, Inc.

    • AJ37


    Company:   Shanghai Hondu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd

    • Q56

    INCI: POTASSIUM TSUBAKIATE Product Feature:  Natural sources retain the nutrients of camellia oil;  Has a moisturizing effect on the skin, itc...


    Company:   Shanghai Hondu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd

    • Q56

    INCI:POTASSIUM LINOLEATE & POTASSIUM PALMATE & POTASSIUM STEARATE & POTASSIUM BEHENATE Natural sources retain the nutrients of natural rosehip oil; ...


    Company:   biogründl, s.l.

    • D81
    shared with Special Chemicals S.L

    Nail products, it is especially indicated to add it, as active substance, in preparations intented to regenerate and soften the keratin of nails and t...

  • Nail StrainStress Meter NM 100

    Company:   Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH

    • AA28

    Worldwide first device to assess the mechanical properties of the nail. The device features a high precision load cell which measures constantly the f...

  • Nano 3C

    Company:   Nanovetores Group

    • N45

    Potent body measures reducer that acts by speeding up the metabolism promoting fat burning. Promotes treatment of cellulite, with anti-inflammatory, a...

  • Nano Ageless Complex

    Company:   Nanovetores Group

    • N45

    Antiaging with two complementary effects. An immediate action, a tensor effect that reduces wrinkles and expressions lines after 90 seconds. The long-...

  • Nano Body Lift

    Company:   Nanovetores Group

    • N45

    Nano Body Lift is a blend of Essential Oils of Peppermint and Palmarosa, Green Tea Oil, Coconut Extract and Soy Protein, encapsulated in lipid particl...

  • Nano Carbon black pre-dispersion

    Imported high quality carbon black. Excellent in water-based carbon black dispersion. High content carbon black pigment and strong coloring ability. A...

  • Nano Cellulitech

    Company:   Nanovetores Group

    • N45

    Blend of actives encapsulated that improves blood flow, resulting in cellulite treatment, reduction of size, draining and anti-inflammatory action. It...

  • Nano Eyelashes

    Company:   Nanovetores Group

    • N45

    A jojoba extract-based product, encapsulated in biopolymer particles that promotes the activation of hair bulbs and strengthening. Jojoba is a natural...