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  • Advanced Development & Safety...

    Company:   ADSL Ltd.

    • T80

    Doctors, Chartered Chemists, Toxicologists, Microbiologists and Regulatory Experts specialising in Formulation, Microbiological Laboratory Testing, Co...

  • Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic...

    Company:   Formula Botanica

    • AP19

    Formula Botanica's Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science teaches you to take your formulations to the next level by incorporating advanced tech...

  • Advanced Image Analysis

    Company:   PhD Trials®

    • Z31

    Our Advanced image analysis division provides new techniques for the analysis and visualization of your data, that help to differentiate your products...


    Company:   Complife Group

    • AA31

    The Physical-Chemistry Department has a very large portfolio of standard tests on raw materials, packaging, bulks and finished products for characteri...

  • Analytical method perfecting

    Company:   PHYLOGENE

    • Y23a

    Methods perfecting, development and validation: ELISA, PCR, RtPCR, High Resolution LC-MS/MS for Label-Free and MRM methods.

  • AquaFlux™ Model AF200 Evaporimeter

    Company:   Biox Systems Ltd

    • Y19
    shared with EOTECH

    The AquaFlux™ is an evaporimeter for TEWL measurement with a unique patented technology that overcomes challenges of both open- and closed-chamber met...

  • Beauty Service Providers guide


    • AF11

    A special issue published by Expression Cosmetique. This tool helps the beauty industry to find the best partners from tests, R&D, process, formulati...

  • Biphasic ampoules

    Company:   Neftis Laboratorios SL

    • Y12

    Our latest novelty are the biphasic ampoules: revitalizing, repairing and antiaging. They combine a part with oil and an aqueous part that varies acco...

  • Capsuretinol RP

    Company:   Ecopol Tech

    • AC41

    CAPSURETINOL RP is a water-based emulsion of polymeric microcapsules containing 30% (750000 IU/g) all-trans retinyl propionate for cosmetic use. This ...

  • Certificate in Cosmetic Stability...

    Company:   Formula Botanica

    • AP19

    Learn how to design appropriate stability tests for your cosmetics range, how to choose the right stability testing and make sure that your products a...

  • Certificate in Natural Cosmetic...

    Company:   Formula Botanica

    • AP19

    Learn the complex language of preservatives with our online course in natural cosmetic preservation, which teaches you how to select the best natural ...

  • Clinical Research

    Company:   Bio Basic Europe S.r.l.

    • Y32

    Safety and efficacy studies of cosmetic products on humans (volunteers), under dermatological control. We collaborate with different specialists and...