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  • • Amitose R-PD

    Company:   Iwase Cosfa Europe

    • W56

    Arginine and glycerin complex which is adsorbed on the surface of the skin for long-lasting hydration. Not sticky, it also allows a good balance of th...

  • (-)-trans-Cannabidiol, isolated

    Company:   CBDepot s.r.o

    • AN11

    CBD, isolated

  • (-)-trans-Cannabidiol, synthesized

    Company:   CBDepot s.r.o

    • AN11

    CBD, synthesized

  • 1,2-Hexanediol

    Company:   Yantai Aurora Chemical Co., Ltd.

    • AC81

    Preservative, Moisturizer

  • 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid

    Company:   Hangzhou Rebtech Novel Material Co., Ltd

    • AK14

    3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid is a stable Vitamin C derivative with excellent skin brightening activity. Its chemical structure is unique in that the ethyl ...

  • Acadian Emi Tsunomata Cultivated...

    Company:   Acadian Seaplants

    • AE71

    Emi Tsunomata is a land-cultivated Chondrus crispus, red seaweed selected 20 years ago from thousands of individual wild-plants. The original cultivar...

  • Acetylhexapeptide-3

    Company:   Hangzhou Rebtech Novel Material Co., Ltd

    • AK14

    Acetyl hexapeptide-3/8 is a synthetic peptide made from a protein found in Botox. It’s primarily used in anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams or serums....


    Company:   Colombia más Competitiva - Swiss Contact

    • B13
    shared with Kahai SAS

    Desde las húmedas selvas del Chocó, nuestra Bixa Orellana llega con propiedades únicas, como la región que la produce

  • Adenosine

    Company:   Hangzhou Rebtech Novel Material Co., Ltd

    • AK14

    ATP is a molecule responsible for being the leading source of energy for the majority of the body’s cellular and muscular functions. It aids in boosti...

  • Advanced Image Analysis

    Company:   PhD Trials®

    • Z31

    Our Advanced image analysis division provides new techniques for the analysis and visualization of your data, that help to differentiate your products...

  • ÆONOME™, A secret hidden 3 million years

    Company:   LipoTrue S.L.

    • E60

    Æonome™, unveils itself as an agebiotic, a prebiotic metabolized by the commensal cutaneous microbiota enhancing the production and release of postbio...

  • Alpha arbutin

    Company:   Hangzhou Rebtech Novel Material Co., Ltd

    • AK14

    Alpha arbutin has higher ability in inhibiting melanin than current freckle-eliminating active agent of the same kind. It can strongly inhibit the fo...