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    Company:   Cosmetics Business / SPC Magazine

    • B19

    Updated daily and with global coverage, Cosmetics Business is recognised as the leading resource for business leaders and industry experts in the Cosm...

  • D&C Yellow No. 10

    Company:   Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Ltd

    • B15

  • Emblica

    Company:   Merck KGaA

    • Q30,
    • Y14

    Take a trip to tropical southeastern Asia. Go to India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka and look around, into the beautiful trees surrounding you. Grab a fruit ...

  • Hyalo-Oligo

    Company:   Kewpie Corporation

    • P50
    shared with IMCD Espana Especialidades Quimicas S.A.

    Functional Hyaluronic acid penetratiing deep into the Stratum corneum to maintain moisture at high volume.

  • Purolan Isoparaffines

    Company:   LANXESS Distribution GmbH

    • AC68

    Isoparaffines PUROLAN IDD and IHD • synthetic emollients of high purity • free from aromatic impurities (< 1 ppm) • excellent spreadability and ...


    Company:   SEPPIC

    • R50

    SEPINOV™ EMT 10 is a universal, thickening-stabilizing-texturizing powder polymer. SEPINOV™ EMT 10 demonstrates an excellent tolerance for immature sk...

  • STARPHERES for exfoliation

    Company:   KPT (Korea Particle Technology) Co., Ltd.

    • AC34

    Starpheres-Type C (based on Cellulose), CS (based on Silica) or some of the T-Types (based on either Zeolith or activated Bamboo Charcoal) are being u...

  • STARPHERES for visualisation and/or...

    Company:   KPT (Korea Particle Technology) Co., Ltd.

    • AC34

    Starpheres of S- , F- , P- and/or T-series Type are hard in structure as bulk material but become soft when incorporated in aqueous-based cosmetic veh...