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  • Acadian SeaPlus Wellness Ingredients

    Company:   Acadian Seaplants

    • AE71

    Globally-certified,wild-harvested and land-based cultivated seaweeds used as ingredients by cosmetics, health & wellness product formulators. Species ...


  • ADEKA NOL GT-730 & GT-930

    Company:   ADEKA Europe Gmbh

    • J70

    Thickeners developed for use in aqueous systems and for emulsifier-free O/W emulsions. They are highly efficient rheological modifiers for use in form...

  • Beauté by Roquette® ST 720

    Company:   Roquette Beauté

    • Y60

    Produced from pea starch and specifically designed for cosmetics, it creates and leaves a flexible, smooth and continuous barrier over the skin or hai...

  • Certificate in Cosmetic Stability...

    Company:   Formula Botanica

    • AP19

    Learn how to design appropriate stability tests for your cosmetics range, how to choose the right stability testing and make sure that your products a...

  • Certificate in Natural Cosmetic...

    Company:   Formula Botanica

    • AP19

    Learn the complex language of preservatives with our online course in natural cosmetic preservation, which teaches you how to select the best natural ...

  • CobioLift

    Company:   COBIOSA

    • G31

    Innovative active ingredient with marked filmogenic and tightening effects, as shown at in-vivo efficacy studies. 100 % natural sugar tensor purifie...

  • Diploma in Beauty Brand Business...

    Company:   Formula Botanica

    • AP19

    Our online Diploma is the ultimate online training program to help you start your indie beauty business. Formula Botanica will teach you how to start ...

  • Diploma in Organic Haircare Formulation

    Company:   Formula Botanica

    • AP19

    Formula Botanica teaches how to make organic haircare with its Diploma in Organic Haircare Formulation. Enrol for our award-winning online course to l...

  • Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation

    Company:   Formula Botanica

    • AP19

    Formula Botanica's most popular online course is our foundation Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. Thousands of formulators globally enrol to le...


    Company:   Provital

    • L40

    A healthy scalp for a healthy hair. Acts on scalp aging signs before they appear. Prevents follicle miniaturization and weakening. Gives hair more ...

  • Silsurf Di-T108

    Company:   Siltech Corporation

    • AK28

    Silsurf® Di-T108 is an innovative sulfate-free mild surfactant from Siltech. The product provides luxurious foam and cleansing similar to sodium laur...


    Company:   Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH

    • N30
    shared with Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

    SPHERILEX® hydrated silica particles have proven to offer good performance, are available in consistent quality and at advantageous costs and therefor...