Already exhibiting?

  • Already exhibiting?

    Firstly, a big thank you for exhibiting at in-cosmetics Virtual. Our new digital business matchmaking platform will facilitate high-quality connections and collaboration and we’re excited to have you join our unrivalled database. As the first fully digital event in the in-cosmetics portfolio, you’re all set to meet our highly targeted/screened audience and the opportunities that come with this.

    We’ve included some essential information to ensure you have the best exhibitor experience possible and meet the most relevant partners.

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  • FAQs

    As an exhibitor, will I be able to see and attend all Educational Programme?

    No, you will only be able to attend Marketing Trends sessions. The Technical Seminars will be for visitors only.

    Can I interact with the Marketing Trends speakers during the keynote/panel sessions? 

    Yes, some sessions will include live Q+A. Simply submit your questions to the presenter during the session.

    When is the Awards Ceremony happening?

    The in-cosmetics Global Awards Ceremony will take place on the 6thof October at 16:30 (BST). It will be featured on the Event’s Schedule for all to attend.

    As an Exhibitor, can I talk to other exhibitors? 

    The event is focusing on lead generation. Exhibitors will be able to connect with visitors but will not be able to meet or look up any other exhibitors, nor access their company details including brochures or products.

    As an Exhibitor, how do the video meetings work? 

    Meetings will take place directly within your Virtual Stand – no need to download any additional software. You will receive a 20-minute email reminder before each meeting. Follow the link directly to your video meeting; or access the ‘My Schedule’ page in your profile. Simply press ‘Join Meeting’ to access your video meeting.

    Can I participate on my phone? 

    Yes, the environment is mobile friendly. However, we would always recommend accessing on desktop for the maximum experience. 

    As an Exhibitor, how do I find people and book meetings?

    The algorithm will recommend people to you based on their interests, but as an exhibitor, you are also able to filter the participants list. Attendees will only be able to find exhibitors and no other attendees. You can find out more on the demo.

    As an Exhibitor, how many exhibitor staff can I register under my company profile?

    It will depend on your package. If you have the Basic Package, you will have only 1 exhibitor badge, Standard Package allows 3 Exhibitor badges and the Premium Package comes with 5 exhibitor badges. In addition to this, you will also have an extra pass for the Event Manager of your company profile (i.e. the admin person who will manage your company profile). The admin does not have a diary to book meetings nor will be listed.

    As an Exhibitor, can my colleagues have separate meetings or the meetings have to be all together?

    They can have meetings separately or they can invite each other. It is entirely up to them, as each person will have their own secure video conference line.

    Our platform allows up to 8 people from the same company to join a meeting, but it can only have 1 visiting company at any one time.

    As an Exhibitor, how many products can I have in my profile?

    If you have the Basic Package, your profile can have up to 5 ingredients but on the Standard and Premium Packages, the number is unlimited.

    As an Exhibitor, is there any way that you assist the matchmaking process?

    If you have the Premium Package, our dedicated Concierge team will be in touch to assist in matchmaking, best practices and finding your Wish list. On the Basic and Standard Packages, the support team will guide you through the process.

    Will the platform be open 24 hours?

    The platform will open all day to browse, send meeting invites but meetings can only take place on the 6th, 7th and 8th of October from 09:00-21:00 BST.

    As an Exhibitor, if visitors do not know our company, how will they come to visit us?

    If your company profile and categories match their interests, your company will be in the recommended companies’ section and your representatives will be in the relevant attendees “Recommended business leads” section as well.

    This is why it is important to upload as much information as possible to promote your business and solutions and why we are not allowing other exhibitors to access your content. This way we ensure you can have the freedom to include as much information as possible.

    How do I book meetings?

    As an Exhibitor or Visitor, once you have narrowed down your search results, you can click on the 'ID card' to view further information about the contact and request a meeting with them. Click 'request meeting' to proceed to the booking page.

    What do I do if my meeting partner did not show up for our video meeting?

    If your meeting partner did not show up to your video meeting then please let the team know via Live Chat, Telephone or Email as soon as possible. The team will endeavour to get in touch with your meeting partner to see if the meeting can be re-arranged for another convenient time during the online event. Additionally, please note that you will have access to your confirmed meeting partners contacts details if you wish to reach out to them. You can find these in your personal meeting schedule on the ‘My Schedule’ page.

    Tech tips

    To get the most out of in-cosmetics Virtual, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you have the best possible online event experience:

    • Check your internet connection is stable and the speed measures a minimum of 56.6kbps
    • Enable and connect your speakers or use a headset
    • When entering video or walk-in meetings, grant permission to allow your browser to access your microphone and camera.
    • Ensure you’ve installed the latest browser version
    • Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the recommended browsers to use

    If you have questions or require additional technical support, please get in touch with our helpful team on via phone or email.


    Phone: +44 2039185833

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