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Citróleo Ind. Com. de Óleos Essenciais Ltda.

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Citróleo is a 100% Brazilian company, located in Torrinha, state of São Paulo. Present in the Market since 1984, its brand is established and internationally recognized for its quality standards and commitment with sustainability. Citróleo offers products 100% natural and sustainable that add quality and benefits for a large range of products of personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fragrance for all regions of the world.

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  • Green Behenic (BAPDMA)

    It is a high performance conditioning agent with excellent sensory properties, which is adsorbed by the negatively charged surface of the hair, withou...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Green CAPB-B

    Derived from babassu oil, Green CAPB-B has excellent dermal compatibility and is associated with anionic surfactants, synergistically reduces irritati...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • EcoScrub Murumuru

    The Murumuru EcoScrub has natural coloration and brings all the benefits of the fruit to the exfoliation in the final formulation. It is rich in lauri...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Copaiba Oil

    Has anti-inflammatory action, both the upper and lower pathways, in addition to the healing power. It can be used in the manufacture of bath and intim...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Copaiba Balm

    The Copaiba balm is wished for cosmetics industries due to it emollient, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. In addition to more traditiona...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Breu Branco Oil

    Is a insect repellent and has sun protection power. In cosmetics products is principal use is in perfumery, soap production, pre and post-depilatory p...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Breu Branco Resin

    The resin has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial properties and contributes to healing processes. The resin is widely used in perfumery and...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Eucaliptus Oil

    The essential oil of Eucalyptus, is obtained from the leaves. The seedlings are careful selected, allowing the extraction of an excellent oil with hig...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Citronela Oil

    Rich in citronellal and geranial, Citronella essential oil has antiseptic, deodorant, insecticide, stimulant and general tonic properties. It is a na...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Citrue Bisabolol Organic and Natural

    With anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimycotic properties, the organic and natural alpha bisabolol is used highly used cosmetics and pharmaceut...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Ucuuba Butter

    It is extracted from the seeds of a native tree in the Amazon region that grows in wetlands, floodplains and flooded forest areas. With great cosmetic...

    Updated 5 months ago

  • Cupuaçu Butter

    Rich in nutrients, antioxidants and other beneficial substances. Rich in vitamins A and C and important fatty acids, the Cupuaçu butter is an emollie...

    Updated 5 months ago