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  • Holistic fighting against pollution, inspired by Nature

    Wednesday09:55 - 10:2507 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 3

    Pollution is the main aggressor factor of our new age. It is a real social scourge. This nowadays concern can be found everywhere at the surface of the planet: ...


    • Language: English

  • The dramatic make-up effect of a new di-ester of penta-erythritol

    Wednesday10:15 - 10:4507 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 1

    In this HD age, the beauty care strategy requires advanced solutions, using also apps, tutorial, etc. In this landscape the development of new and efficient mak...


    • Language: English

  • Wrinkle & lifting: postbiotics, vegetal DNA and Peptilift, a new Botolike active

    Wednesday10:25 - 10:5507 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 2

    Focus on cutting edge anti-wrinkle & lifting actives with specific in vivo targets. Peptilift is an opioid oligopeptide entrapped in a delivery system containi...

    • Language: English

  • Upcycling your way to beauty: re-shaping the skin and the future with microalgae

    Wednesday10:35 - 11:0507 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 3

    ALGAKTIV, the microalgae company, has been devoted to developing effective and sustainable skin care active ingredients for years. Today, it takes sustainabili...

    • Language: English

  • Skin models for personal care research: types and their applications

    Wednesday11:00 - 11:3007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 1

    Development of new personal care formulations relies on ability of an active to diffuse through various skin layers without any irritation / rash etc. Ethical a...


    • Language: English

  • Hydrastasis from outer space to keep your skin's hydration

    Wednesday11:10 - 11:4007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 2

    Our mission is to bring you the solution to keep your skin hydrated. MARSturizer™ is a bacterial ferment extract obtained from Rio Tinto, a Spanish river known ...


    • Language: English

  • Reaching new horizons: all-in-one solution for minimalist beauty

    Wednesday11:20 - 11:5007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 3

    More info coming soon...

    • Language: English

  • New water-smart guar derivative for eco-conscious formulators

    Wednesday11:55 - 12:2507 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 2

    Fresh water is a limited resource that today is increasingly sought after. There’s nothing more essential to life on Earth than water and the companies’ ability...

    • Language: English

  • Exclusive J-Beauty ingredients to European skincare market

    Wednesday12:05 - 12:3507 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 3

    J-Beauty appeared in the market as a strong defender of preventive solutions rather than corrective, with innovative developments and high-quality products with...

    • Language: English

  • Unique botanical ingredient, multiple benefits : 360°Clean beauty for your skin

    Wednesday12:30 - 13:0007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 1

    The essence of clean beauty goes beyond the concept of natural textures. Combining simplicity and effectiveness is a challenge of sustainability, transparency a...

    • Language: English

  • Luviset 360 – BASF styling polymer for new textures and improved sensory

    Wednesday12:40 - 13:1007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 2

    The innovative styling polymer Luviset® 360, provides efficient performance in six dimensions: long-lasting hold, strong hold, low flaking, flexible hold, anti-...

    • Language: English

  • Embracing clean beauty

    Wednesday12:50 - 13:2007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 3

    There are many consumer interpretations of the term 'clean beauty' in the beauty and personal care market today. During this presentation, we talk through how t...


    • Language: English