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  • A step forward in the cosmetic ingredient sector thanks to new approaches

    Tuesday15:05 - 15:3506 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 3

    Based on the proprietary Technology Platform called Plant Cell Biofactories, the company will show that there is a completely new way to understand and work wit...

    • Language: English

  • A natural peptide approach to target fatigued & ageing skin

    Tuesday17:10 - 17:4006 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 2

    As skin ages, there is a decline in collagen production along with dermal epidermal junctions. This compromises the structural support, strength and elasticity ...

    • Language: English

  • A modern, eco-friendly conditioning agent for hair and skin

    Wednesday09:30 - 10:0007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 1

    Create a better story for your hair and skin formulations with Stepan's new eco-friendly and naturally-derived conditioning agents. Deliver the same best-in-cla...

    • Language: English

  • A full in vitro and in vivo testing strategy to claim anti-pollution

    Wednesday09:40 - 10:1007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 2

    Atmospheric pollution primarily targets our skin as it is particularly exposed. There is a wide variety of pollutants molecules, acting at different level into ...

    • Language: English

  • Adipogenesis as a form of beauty

    Wednesday15:30 - 16:0007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 1

    The stimulation of adipogenesis in specific areas of the body can fill wrinkles, diminish mouth barcode and decrease the signs of ageing, turning the skin exube...

    • Language: English

  • A new green anti-dandruff active with an innovative mode of action

    Wednesday15:40 - 16:1007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 2

    Cosmetic anti-dandruff products can be easily characterized by the use of three ingredients: zinc pyrithione, climbazole and piroctone-olamine. All three active...

    • Language: English

  • Anti-pollution effect of hyaluronic acid and other common cosmetic ingredients

    Wednesday17:10 - 17:4007 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 2

    Nowadays, air pollution is one of the global concerns affecting mainly urban areas which has a negative impact on human body including the skin. In this study,...

    • Language: English

  • Acne tendency skin: zoom of studies to support these claims

    Thursday10:05 - 10:3508 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 1

    Acne is a skin alteration that occurs due to several internal factors, but which can be aggravated by multiple external factors: pollution, stress, food, weathe...

    • Language: English

  • A new generation of highly sustainable conditioning aids

    Thursday11:00 - 11:3008 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 2

    As formulators look to all areas of product development to improve formulation sustainability, one area lacking significant of new development is quaternary con...


    • Language: English

  • Are your cosmetic ingredients “natural”?

    Thursday14:10 - 14:4008 October 2020
    Technical Seminars Theatre 3

    Natural cosmetics are without doubt becoming more and more popular. The aim of the presentation is to highlight what is a “natural” ingredient and how to check ...

    • Language: English