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  • Dr. John Stewart

    Senior Regulatory Specialist


    John Stewart, Senior Regulatory Specialist in UL Materials & Supply Chain, has 6 years of experience in regulatory affairs plus a further 7 years...

  • Dr. Laura Busata

    Cosmetics R&D Senior Specialist

    Unifarco S.p.A.

    Dr. Laura Busata is the cosmetics R&D senior specialist at Unifarco S.p.A. She graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Padova and she obtained...

  • Dr. Mojgan Moddaresi

    Regulatory Expert and Safety Assessor

    Personal Care Regulatory Ltd.

    Dr. Moddaresi is a regulatory expert and safety assessor at Personal care Regulatory Ltd., a testing lab with a specific tailor-made approach for...

  • Dr. Patricia Gisbert

    Innovation Manager

    Beauty Cluster Barcelona

    Innovation manager at Beauty Cluster Barcelona. Principal duties: scientific assessment, project management, technological surveillance, and company...

  • Dr. Patrícia Maria Berardo Gonçalves Maia Campos, Ph.D.

    Full Professor - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences de Ribeirão Preto

    University of São Paulo

    Pharmacist, Master and Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of São Paulo. Full Professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences...

  • Dr. Petra Schaal

    Application Development Manager Preservatives


    Dr. Petra Schaal holds the position as Application Development Manager at Clariant. After receiving her PhD in Chemistry in 2013 she joined Clariant...

  • Dr. Pierre-Yves Morvan

    R&D Director


    Dr Pierre-Yves MORVAN has a Master in Biochemistry and a PhD in Biology. He has joined the French company CODIF INTERNATIONAL in 1997 to develop the...

  • Dr. Silvia Pastor

    Head of Scientific Research & Business Development

    LipoTrue S.L.

    Dr. Pastor takes part in the development of LipoTrue, a high technological company for the development of active ingredients in cosmetics, involving...

  • Dr. Theresa Callaghan

    Cosmetic Claims Development Specialist & Scientific Affairs

    Callaghan Consulting International

    Dr. Theresa Callaghan PhD is a skincare scientist and cosmetic product claim specialist. With an international career spanning more than 30 years,...

  • Dr. Tiziana Esposito

    Department of Pharmacy

    University of Salerno

    Dr. Tiziana Esposito is graduated with a Pharmacy Degree from the University of Salerno, Italy. She received her PhD in Drug Science at the...

  • Dr. Veronique Newton

    Head of Preclinical Operations

    CIDP Group

    After completing her PhD on “The mechanism underlying cell desensitization to Type I Interferons” from the Institut Pasteur in Paris, Veronique...

  • Eiko Oshimura

    Associate General Manager, Cosmetic Group, Research Institute For Bioscience Products & Fine Chemicals

    AJINOMOTO Co., Inc.

    Eiko Oshimura joined AJINOMOTO Co., Inc. in 1990 and now is leading a group of cosmetic scientists and formulators in AJINOMOTO Co., Inc. as a group...