Interactive areas

  • Innovation Zone

    The Innovation Zone showcases the newest raw materials to hit the market, with each box displaying an ingredient launched within the last six months.

    The area is one of the most popular features at the show, giving visitors the opportunity to determine the very materials that would give their new finished products that innovative edge. Selected boxes also come with a formulation display, inviting visitors to put ingredients to the test.

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  • Sensory Bar

    Identify new and invigorating sensations for your next cosmetic creation by visiting the Sensory Bar. Products displayed in this area offer exciting sensory experiences through innovative personal care formulations, from evocative fragrances for haircare, heavenly tastes for lipsticks, and transforming textures for moisturisers.

    Try out the formulations displayed at the bar, and test them yourself for the feel, smell and taste of the product.

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  • Make-Up Bar

    Find inspiration for the next generation of colour cosmetics, and discover innovative pigments and technologies that deliver captivating shades and hues at the Make-Up Bar.

    This area is designed for visitors to see and test new exciting make-up formulations, displaying everything from eyeshadows, foundations, nail varnishes and lip lacquers.

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  • Sustainability Corner

    The Sustainability Corner is an interactive educational area committed to featuring the latest advancements and accomplishments in sustainable personal care.

    Through a range of ingredient display pods, you can find the latest in sustainable raw materials, with each product meeting certain environmental and social standards that support the personal care industry's more extensive sustainable initiatives. 

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    What else happens at the show?

    As well as interactive features at in-cosmetics Global, there are many other areas to discover. Explore a range of educational areas, zones, labs, tours & trails.

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