Effects of environmental stressors on skin ageing

Effects of environmental stressors on skin ageing

06 October 2020, 10:15 - 10:45

Technical Seminars Theatre 1

The human skin is constantly exposed to external stressors such as solar irradiation and ambient pollution. With the rapid rise in technology and digitalizing, the dangers of blue light is also becoming more and more obvious.

To evaluate the combined effect of pollution and blue light on skin ageing, CIDP has developed monochromatic calibrated blue light sources and a unique Controlled Pollution Exposure System (CPES) which allows the quantified administration of pollutants on the skin.

These systems thus allow to mimic environmental stressors and to analyse their direct impact on skin ageing in an in vivo and ex vivo model.


  • Dr. Veronique Newton


    Head of Preclinical Operations

    CIDP Group

    After completing her PhD on “The mechanism underlying cell desensitization to Type I Interferons” from the Institut Pasteur in Paris, Veronique...