Formulating for a sustainable future – Beyond natural & organic

Formulating for a sustainable future – Beyond natural & organic

07 October 2020, 09:30 - 13:30

Workshop Room 1

There is growing interest in developing sustainable cosmetics. However, what does a sustainable cosmetic formulation mean? How does certification and / or adopting ethical labels, make cosmetic products green? This workshop gives an overview of popular ethical labelling schemes, gives a description of what a sustainable formulation means, and discusses the technical issues when developing such products.

The workshop begins with an introduction to sustainable cosmetics, ethical labelling schemes, including natural, organic, vegan, halal, fairtrade, etc. An update is given on the palette of green raw materials that can be used in certified personal care products. Details are given on the formulation hurdles and opportunities.

The difficulty in assessing the sustainability profile of ingredients is described. An overview is given of contentious synthetic chemicals as well as chemical processes that are not allowed for certified cosmetic products. Case studies will be given of product formulations that have adopted a variety of ethical labels or green marketing messages to define their sustainability credentials.

An update will also be given on the use of sustainable actives in cosmetic formulation. What makes an active ingredient green? How are companies communicating their sustainable actives? What is the role of certification in marketing communications? The potential issues associated with using such actives is described, especially for niche / indie brands. Guidance will be given on how to develop effective “green” formulations.

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  • Judi Beerling MBA, C.Chem. MRSC


    Technical Research Manager

    Ecovia Intelligence

    Judi has been a passionate cosmetic formulator for her whole career and has spent much of the last 10 years sharing her knowledge of the rapidly...