Formulating a sprayable emulsion in a sustainable way!

Formulating a sprayable emulsion in a sustainable way!

30 June 2020, 14:30 - 15:30

Formulation Lab 2

Lysofix™ is a unique pure lysophospholipid O/W emulsifier for flexible formulations from sprays to creams.

Experience its sensoriality in a sprayable emulsion! This head-to-toe mist is developed in a minimalist spirit (few & common ingredients, simple & cold process). Formulated with 3.5% Lysofix™, the texture is sprayable, very white and offers a light silky and non-greasy skin feel despite 15% oil phase. It contains 93.58% natural-origin ingredients using ISO 16128 calculations.

Besides its technical benefits, Lysofix™ brings active properties and boosts active ingredient efficacy.

Discover Lysofix™, to create an active sprayable formula by a sustainable manufacturing process!

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  • Carole Corvez


    Global Formulation Senior Manager

    Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

    During her 20-year career, Carole first started as Formulation Scientist at J&J developing finished products from product brief until...