M-Beauty: what is the outlook for Halal beauty in South East Asia?

M-Beauty: what is the outlook for Halal beauty in South East Asia?

01 July 2020, 10:00 - 10:45

Marketing Trends Theatre

Asia Cosme Lab presentation will offer an overview on the beauty markets from Indonesia and Malaysia, with a focus on Muslim and Halal beauty. Many insights will be presented from current market products to the new expected evolutions.

Compared to only 2 or 3 years ago, the Muslim cosmetics market has become dynamic and has caught the attention of major cosmetics companies such as Amore Pacific who is planning on opening a new factory in Malaysia in 2020. The halal beauty market was still recently qualified as a niche market, but the emergence of a wealthier middle-class in the biggest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia, changed the perspective.

Furthermore the appearance of hijabis models from West to East, and the expansion of modest fashion, with empires founded by Malaysian entrepreneurs like Neelofa (Neelofar Hijabs) or Vivy Yusof (Fashion Valet) have pushed the visibility of a new kind of Muslim consumer in South East Asia: deeply observant of her faith but highly connected to social media, make-up addicted and relying on Instagram tutorials to continue to gain followers while also posting pictures of her pilgrimage to the Hajj.

Different factors will influence the growth of these markets from the new halal mandatory law in Indonesia to the rise of the green/vegan/cruelty-free beauty accompanying quite logically the rise of halal as a new clean beauty standard. The expansion of K and J beauty influence on these beauty-obsessed markets will also shape the industry, with a more sophisticated skincare routine and a growing love for quality brands. There is still a lot of space in the different categories with a potential for developments to be expected (UV care, face cleansers, male’s grooming).

The codes of M-Beauty are evolving, from 2018 lips-obsessed market shifting to the skin’s perfection quest: skin texture, skin tone and glow are priorities for women, which is reflected in the new products on the market such as hydrating highlighter Glo by Mad for Make-up, the rising numbers of cushions offered by local brands (Wardah, Rollover Reaction), and the emergence of skincare local brands with dynamic offer (For Skin Sake, Joylab).

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  • Heloise Lefebvre du Prey


    SEA Project Manager