2021 & above: lifestyle shifts impacting product development & storytelling

2021 & above: lifestyle shifts impacting product development & storytelling

06 October 2020, 11:00 - 11:45

Marketing Trends Theatre

Join BEAUTYSTREAMS to discover uptrending claims, textures, and effects in color cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and fragrance. Creative Director, Michael Nolte, will define consumer archetypes and how their lifestyles, needs and buying habits will impact the beauty industry.

Explore new concepts articulated around the idea of Selfdom; the Kingdom of the self. While social connectivity and communication channels have never been more open than they are today, we conversely, live in an era of isolation, focused on the realm of the individual.

The definitions and possibilities of relationships have expanded and society is increasingly accepting of varied lifestyle choices. No longer limited to the classic nuclear family, some people, for example, are now opting to remain single. They instead look to other types of relationships to create the emotional links and reassurance they require.

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  • Michael Nolte


    Creative Director


    Michael Nolte is the Creative Director of BEAUTYSTREAMS, the Global Beauty Industry Reference. BEAUTYSTREAMS is the indispensable source of...