The skin microbiome - the known and unknown in product development

The skin microbiome - the known and unknown in product development

03 April 2019, 14:00 - 17:30

Workshop Room 2


The understanding that microorganisms exhibit profound impact to our wellbeing is rapidly developing. Scientific and medical community are working to study these effects, yet the practical means of implementation as well as regulatory landscape are shaping.

The skin microbiome, the population of resident and transient microorganisms on our skin is an emerging growing area of research and interest. The identification, classification, mapping, study of diversity, environmental implications and inferences to skin condition are key areas of investigation. 

Various molecular and in silico methods have been developed and employed in this area of research, but path to utilizing this knowledge in skin care product development is limited.

Key questions that are only partially answered include: 

  • What is a healthy microbiome baseline?  
  • What are the implications of microbial diversity and shift from homeostasis to clinical manifestation?
  • How the microbiome communicates with skin cells and what are the adequate methods for evaluation?
  • How to select appropriate controls for studies? 
  • What are the appropriate sampling methods, sampling storage to use?
  • What is the best sequencing and quantification method to use? 
  • Can in vitro assays on isolated bacteria provide leads to clinical implications?

This workshop is aimed at gathering experts in this field to provide research and development related insights that may shed light on this evolving area of interest.

14:00 - 14:30     Homeostatic renormalization of skin using topical prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics
Greg Maguire, Ph.D., CEO, CSO, Founder, BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc., NeoGenesis, Inc.

Normalization is a new strategy that has been successfully used in the immune system to treat cancer, leading to "checkpoint inhibitors," and is now also being used to successfully treat neurodegenerative diseases. Our research group has now successfully demonstrated a renormalization strategy for the skin's microbiome using a combination of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics for treating a number of indications, including acne.

14:30 - 15:00     Is there a connection between UV induced immunosuppression and skin microbiome?
Nava Dayan Ph.D., President, Dr. Nava Dayan LLC

UV radiation induces immunosuppression in the skin and minimizes its ability to combat mutations. It triggers an inflammatory response that if persistent may contribute to the initiation and progression of cancer.  Research demonstrates that in many of chronic inflammatory skin conditions the microbial community is altered when compared to normal population and even to non-lesion skin. Is there a connection between the chronic cumulative effect of UV exposure to skin, the skin’s innate immunity and effect on the microbiome population? My talk will describe a few theories on this topic and will propose a hypothesis of potential connection

15:00 - 15:30     Coffee an networking break

15:30 - 16:00     Disequilibrium of microbiota is there a link with skin sensation after aggression and with skin ageing signs?
Audrey Gueniche Ph.D., Senior Clinical Expert, Advanced Research, L’Oréal Research & Innovation

- Soap wash decreased quantity, bacterial richness and evenness (alpha diversity) and changed the bacterial communities (beta diversity) in parallel to dryness, roughness and discomfort.
- In older versus younger bacterial richness is significantly higher in parallel to aging looking signs.

16:00 - 16:30     New Insights into Healthy Infant Skin Microbiome
Georgios N. Stamatas, Ph.D., Research Associate Director and Fellow, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

The microbiome of healthy infant skin is dynamically changing mirroring physiological skin maturation processes. New evidence demonstrates the importance of two-way transmission between infant and mother during the first year of life.

16:30 - 17:00     Exploring   skin response mechanisms to bacteria and yeasts
Marisa Meloni, PhD., CEO, CSO and Founder, VitroScreen

The complex community represented by skin and associated microbiota is almost unknown. The definition of a balanced or healthy microbiome is still an answered question because the scientific knowledge on the host response is limited. Skin models represents a good and relevant biological substrate to explore and understand skin response based on cell communication and to predict the role of pathogens (S.aureus) commensal (S.epidermidis) and yeasts (Malassezia sp) on skin health and appearance. Experimental results on reconstructed skin models exposed to UV light in presence or absence of  microbiote will be also part of the presentation.

17:00 - 17:30     Panel Discussion and Q&A




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  • Nava Dayan Ph.D.



    Dr. Nava Dayan LLC

    Nava Dayan Ph.D. Pharm has about 30 years of experience in skin care segment, and has yielded more than 150 publication credits in numerous...

  • Greg Maguire, Ph.D.


    CEO, CSO, Founder

    BioRegenerative Sciences, Inc., NeoGenesis, Inc.

    Dr. Maguire pursued his graduate training at the University of California, Berkeley, University of Houston, University of Texas, The Marine...

  • Audrey Gueniche Ph.D.


    Senior Clinical Expert, Advanced Research

    L’Oréal Research & Innovation

    Audrey GUENICHE obtained her Pharmacist degree and her PhD degree in skin biology more than 23 years ago. She is an expert on immunology and...

  • Georgios N. Stamatas, Ph.D.


    Research Associate Director and Fellow

    Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

    Dr. Georgios Stamatas is a Research Associate Director and Fellow at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. (JJCCI).  In this position, his...

  • Marisa Meloni, PhD


    CEO, CSO and Founder


    Marisa Meloni, Pharma D, PhD in Drug Delivery and Cutaneous Bio-physic has been  in charge for research and innovation within the...

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