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RiverD pioneered the technology for rapid non-invasive molecular skin analysis by in vivo confocal Raman spectroscopy and introduced its first generation instrument in 2003. Since then, the technique and its applications have been continually further developed and improved, and it has become firmly established in basic skin reserach, in development and testing of topically applied products and in claims substantiation. We offer the complete solution for in vivo skin analysis. Our gen2-SCA for rapid high-quality in vivo Raman measurements of the skin. SkinTools 3 for efficient data analysis and quantification of the penetration of topically applied materials and the vast experience of the RiverD-team for the application, study design, data analysis and customization of hard- and software.

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    RiverD International BV

    Marconistraat 16 Rotterdam Zuid-Holland 3029 AK Netherlands
    Tel:  +31 +31107044841
    Fax:  +31 +31107999559


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    Lab equipment/Equipment manufacturer
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    • Product evaluation/testing
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  • Brochure SkinTools 3

    The brochure describing our data analysis software, SkinTools 3.

  • Brochure gen-2

    brochure describing the capabilities of the gen2-system for in vivo Raman measurements on the skin.

  • Brochure RiverD International

    General brochure for our complete solution. The gen-2 SCA for in vivo Raman measurements, SkinTools 3 for data analysis and quantification of the pene...

Company Case Studies

  • Application note - Quantitative...

    An application note describing how our technology can be used to test and optimize formulations. In this case study, the in vivo penetration of Retino...