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PIONEERING DEVELOPER + MANUFACTURER OF RESEARCH-GRADE SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS Established in 2000, Biox Systems Ltd is a pioneering UK based developer + manufacturer of research-grade scientific instruments. Customers worldwide are using our patented technology to provide faster & more accurate characterisations of bio-tissues such as skin, hair & nails, and their interactions with cosmetic, pharmaceutical & medical products. Our products, the AquaFlux™ evaporimeter and the Epsilon™ contact imaging system measure quantities such as TEWL, SSWL, hydration, perspiration, membrane integrity, wrinkles & skin topology (micro-relief).


  • Epsilon™ Model E100 Contact Imaging...

    The Epsilon™ integrated technology provides both image and hydration data simultaneously (suitable for both In-vivo + In-vitro measurements). It diffe...

  • AquaFlux™ Model AF200 Evaporimeter

    The AquaFlux™ is an evaporimeter for TEWL measurement with a unique patented technology that overcomes challenges of both open- and closed-chamber met...

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    Biox Systems Ltd
    Technopark Building 90 London Road London England london SE1 6LN United Kingdom
    Tel:  +44 +44+44 (0)203 4750909


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    Manufacturer of raw materials and ingredients
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  • AquaFlux™ Model AF200

    Fast, non-stop TEWL measurement Best accuracy, sensitivity, repeatability Any site, any angle, anywhere Versatile: in-vivo, in-vitro, skin, scalp, ...