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A healthy skin microbiome is a prerequisite for healthy skin. The cosmetics of tomorrow can no longer ignore the skins natural microbiome. We are shedding light into the current knowledge about the skin microbiome and ways to transfer this knowledge into cosmetical applications. Marketing claims like “microbiome friendly/gentle” or "pro- and prebiotics for the skin" often lack scientific background and there´s no regulation for microbiome related claims in cosmetics. We are introducing the first and only microbiome quality standard for cosmetics. This standard is scientifically validated and independently scrutinizes cosmetics for their microbiome-friendliness, creating confidence for the customer.

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    MyMicrobiome Anstalt
    Alte Churerstrasse 45 Balzers FL-9496 Liechtenstein
    Tel:  +423 384 18 85


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  • MyMicrobiome Standard 18.10

    MyMicrobiome Standard 18.10 is the word’s first seal of quality that awards Microbiome friendly cosmetics and personal care products. This guarantees...

  • For a microbiome friendly world!

    Two women from Bavaria, Germany fight against the increasing destruction of our microbiome!

Press Releases

  • Skincare Can Be Certified Cruelty-Free,...

    Dr. Kristin Neumann has been working in the field of microbiomics for almost 12 years. In 2018, the German microbiologist launched MyMicrobiome with m...