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Delfin Technologies manufactures and markets innovative instruments for skin measurements. Our products are scientifically validated, well-established, and used in more than 40 countries. Displayed is the SkinColorCatch for erythema, melanin and different skin color coordinates; the VapoMeter for TEWL measurements; the unique MoistureMeterD product family for measuring water content in deeper layers of the skin; the SebumScale for skin sebum evaluation; the MoistureMeterSC for sensitive skin surface hydration measurements; and the elegant ElastiMeter for assessing skin's instant elasticity. Delfin instruments are accurate, reliable and extremely practical to use. They are extensively used in the cosmetic industry for claims validation and formulation work.


  • VapoMeter

    The Delfin VapoMeter is a well established instrument for the measurement of TEWL and other evaporation and permeation measurements in both in vivo an...

  • MoistureMeterSC

    The MoistureMeterSC is a very sensitive instrument for the measurement of skin surface hydration at stratum corneum level. It is used for example to v...

  • MoistureMeterD

    The unique MoistureMeterD measures changes of tissue water deeper in the skin and in the subcutis. The instrument has 4 probes for different measureme...

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    Delfin Technologies Ltd

    Microkatu 1 PO Box 1199 Kuopio Pohjois-Savo 70210 Finland
    Tel:  +358 509111199
    Fax:  +358 172222343


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