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    Disruptive technologies are changing the way consumers discover, experience, and purchase health and beauty products, shifting the customer journey from a traditional linear path to one that crosses online and offline touchpoints. Brands are now venturing beyond websites to create seamless, personal engagements with customers.

    In the past few years, the world has witnessed the rise of several game-changing technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing which are being incorporated into the world of beauty, taking the beauty and cosmetics industry to whole new heights.

  • Beauty Tech is a new zone at in-cosmetics Global that showcases the latest digital and technology solution which can be used by cosmetics manufacturers to enhance customer experience by improving the personalisation, selection process or application process of cosmetics products;

    Discover these latest technology at the in-cosmetics Global ‘s Beauty Tech zone :

    • Testing for data capturing (DNA tests, scan and wearables)
    • Testing for data processing (AI driven profiling)
    • Smart Advisors (mirrors and aps)
    • Visualisation tools, apps and devices
    • Smart Dispensers (3D Printers)
    • Personalised Packaging
    • Intelligent Displays (in-store interfaces providing a user with additional, targeted product information)
    • Enhanced Products/Application Tools
    • If you are the Head of Innovation, Digital Director Brand Manager or a Marketer involved in sourcing and developing beauty technology within your brand - join us at the Beauty Tech Zone at in-cosmetics Global 2020 to meet with the technology innovators within the beauty industry.

      In addition to the technology showcase on the show floor, our selected suppliers will also be doing their presentation to our judges at the Marketing Trends Theatre on the xxxx in order to win our Beauty Technology award during the 2020 show.

    Partner of Beauty Tech Zone:
    Skinobs, Cosmetic Testing
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